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Yang Shaoshi 楊少史 is the pen name 筆名 of a private historian, writer, and translator producing translations of the Chinese historical text Sānguózhì 三國志, or “Three State Records.” The aim of these translations is to serve as a source for pop historians and dedicated amateurs and students to dive into Chinese history without having to learn the Literary Chinese 文言文 language first.

Though some amateur translations already exist, many are inconsistent in their translation conventions, and a few contain small translation errors that have perpetrated a large number of misconceptions about the time period. This translator, with over 5 years experience in the study of Classical Chinese texts, is committed to researching down to every last word in order to deliver accurate translations with as few errors as possible, all with a common shared set of translation conventions.

2019 Priorities: The completion of a full translation of SGZ 1-4, for publication in time to commemorate the 1800 year anniversary of the Death of Emperor Wǔ and the Founding of Wèi in 220. The base translation is complete, and current work is focused on polishing, annotation, and creating maps and figures.

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