The Annals of Wei

As promised, The Annals of Wei, our full annotated translation of SGZ 1-4, covering the annals of one posthumous Emperor and five reigning Emperors of Wei, will be releasing March 15, 2020.

In addition to an e-book version, we hope to print high-quality hard copy versions for the collectors out there, and are using a Kickstarter to raise funds/gauge interest. If you are a big fan of the Three Kingdoms era and want a nice hard copy to put on your bookshelf, we highly encourage you to pledge to order one and enjoy 300+ pages, 130,000+ words, 700+ explanatory footnotes, 3 tables, 3 family trees, and 6 maps in tree format.

Fundraising ends February 15, 2020, to make sure we have enough time to print and distribute the hardcover books in time for the March 15 deadline.