(34.4) Lady Zhāng, Younger 小張

Hòu- zhǔ’s Empress Zhāng was the above Empress Jìng-Āi‘s younger sister. Jiànxīng fifteenth year [237], she entered the harem as Noble Lady.


Yánxī first year [238] spring, first moon, an edict said: “We have undertaken a great work to rule the realm and maintain the Temples and State Altars. Now we enthrone the Noble Lady as Empress, and send the General of the Left with Authority as Chancellor Xiàng Lǎng with a Staff of Authority to bestow the Seals and Ribbons. Strive hard to govern the inner harem and maintain the sacrifices. The Empress must be diligent!”


Xiánxī first year [264] she followed Hòu- zhǔ to Luòyáng. (1)


  • Hàn-Jìn Chūnqiū states: Wèi distributed the Shǔ harem concubines to the officers without wives. Illustrious Consort Lǐ said: “I cannot bear another humiliation,” and so killed herself.

〔一〕 漢晉春秋曰:魏以蜀宮人賜諸將之無妻者,李昭儀曰:「我不能二三屈辱。」乃自殺。

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