(38.3) Sūn Qián 孫乾 [Gōngyòu 公祐]

Sūn Qián, appellation Gōngyòu, was a Běihǎi man. When Xiān-zhǔ took control of Xúzhōu, he was recruited as an advisor. (1) Later he became a personal attendant.


  • (1) Zhèng Xuán Zhuàn states: [Zhèng] Xuán recommended Qián to the province. When Qián was recruited, Xuán was commended for this.

〔一〕 鄭玄傳云:玄薦乾於州。乾被辟命,玄所舉也。

When Xiān-zhǔ turned on Lord Cáo, he sent Qián to personally arrange alliance with Yuán Shào. When he was about to flee to Jīngzhōu, Qián was again sent with Mí Zhú together as envoys to Liú Biǎo, and in both these cases he acted as wished and directed.


Later, Biǎo wrote to Yuán Shàng to advise peace between the two brothers, writing: “Every time I discuss the situation with General of the Left Liú and Sūn Gōngyòu, I am always deeply grieved to the bone, and seeing this they are gravely sorrowful.” His importance was such as this.


When Xiān-zhǔ settled Yìzhōu [214], Qián from Internal Gentleman Advisor became General Supporting Loyalty and received honors equal to Mí Zhú and Jiǎn Yōng. Shortly after this he died.


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