(34.5) Liú Yǒng 劉永 [Gōngshòu 公壽]

Liú Yǒng, styled Gōngshòu, was a son of Xiān-zhǔ [Liú Bèi] and younger half brother of Hòu-zhǔ [Liú Shàn].


Zhāngwǔ first year [221] sixth moon, Excellency of the Masses [Xǔ] Jìng was sent to enthrone Yǒng as King of Lǔ. The order read: “Our younger son Yǒng shall receive the lands of Qīng. We have accepted Heaven’s succession, succeeding in the Great Enterprise, carrying on the ancient ways, and so establish for you a state, giving a fief in the eastern lands, including [mounts] Guī and Méng, to serve as a defender and supporter for generations. O, defer to Our Imperial Command! This state of Lǔ, in a time of change it still follows the Way, and preserves decency and culture. Its people love virtue, and for generations values goodness. You as King must with your whole heart obey the Rites and appease your land’s people, maintain the sacrifices, and defend it!”


Jiànxīng eighth year [230], his fief was changed to King of Gānlíng.


Previously, Yǒng hated the court eunuch Huáng Hào. When Hào rose in trust and favor and dominated affairs, he slandered Yǒng to Hòu-zhǔ. Hòu-zhǔ gradually became estranged from Yǒng, and he could not obtain an audience at Court for over ten years.


Xiánxī first year [264], Yǒng was moved east to Luòyáng, appointed Esteemed Chariots Commandant, and given fief as Marquis of a village.


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