(50.11) Lady Téng 孫皓滕夫人

Sūn Hào’s lady Téng, was former Minister of Ceremonies [Téng] Yìn’s cousin’s daughter. Yìn’s clan was exterminated, the lady’s father Mù, as the relation was distant was exiled to border prefectures. When Sūn Xiū succeeded the throne, there was great amnesty, he was able to return, appointed Mù as Five Office Internal Cadet. When Hào was given fief as Marquis of Wūchéng, he was betrothed with Mù’s daughter as a consort. When Hào succeeded the throne, she was enthroned as Empress, fief on Mù as Marquis of Gāomì, appointed General of the Guard, controlling Secretariat affairs. Later the Court ministers because Mù was an honored in-law, pushed him to remonstrate and debate. But the lady’s favor gradually declined, Hào increased his displeasure, Hào’s mother Hé always attended to her. Also the Grand Scribe said, according to the shifting calendars, the Empress could not be changed, Hào trusted in shamans, and therefore she was not deposed, and always supported and cared for [Hào’s mother] Shēngpíng Palace. Mù met with being sent to reside in Cāngwú prefecture, though his noble rank and position was not seized, in fact he was exiled, and therefore on the road he of anxiety died. The Chángqiū [Empress’s] officials filled personnel and nothing more, receiving the Court’s congratulatory memorials as before. But of Hào’s inside various favored concubines, those that wore girdle of Empress’s Seal and Ribbon were many. (1) Tiānjì Fourth Year [280], she followed Hào in moving to Luòyáng.


  • (1) Jiāngbiǎozhuàn states: Hào also sent the Yellow Gate officials to go to the provinces and prefectures, to obtain the officer and official family’s daughters. The 2000 dàn great minister’s sons and daughters, all year after year said their names, those fifteen to sixteen years old were all examined, those examined but not passed, then were able to be married out. The Rear Palace [harem] was in the thousands, but the selections were without limit.

〔一〕 江表傳曰:皓又使黃門備行州郡,科取將吏家女。其二千石大臣子女,皆當歲歲言名,年十五六一簡閱,簡閱不中,乃得出嫁。後宮千數,而採擇無已。

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