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2020 November 25

Winter Tenth Moon Yǐmǎo [220 Nov 25], the Imperial Emperor [Liú Xiè] abdicated throne, King of Wèi [Cáo] Pī declared Heaven’s Son.

from Zīzhì Tōngjiān


The second batch of Hardcover copies of The Annals of Wei is now available for online order while supplies last. There will not be a third batch.

2020 March 15

Spring, Standard Moon, King Wǔ reached Luòyáng; Gēngzǐ [220 Mar 15], died.

The King knew men and was good at observing, it was difficult to deceive him with falseness. In recognizing and selecting out genius, he did not care about humble origins, by ability he appointed and employed, and all obtained their use. When facing the enemy on the battle lines, his thoughts were calm and at ease, as if not intending to battle; but reaching to the decisive point of seizing victory, his spirit was overflowing. Merits and labors he appropriately rewarded, not begrudging a thousand gold; for those lacking achievement yet seeking endowment, not the slightest coin was shared. His use of law was severe and harsh, those with violations were certainly killed, some he would face and weep for them, but to the end none were pardoned. He was temperate in nature and frugal, and did not enjoy illustrious ornamentation. Therefore, he was able to cut down the powerful, nearly pacifying all within the seas.

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The Annals of Wei

As promised, The Annals of Wei, our full annotated translation of SGZ 1-4, covering the annals of one posthumous Emperor and five reigning Emperors of Wei, will be releasing March 15, 2020.

In addition to an e-book version, we hope to print high-quality hard copy versions for the collectors out there, and are using a Kickstarter to raise funds/gauge interest. If you are a big fan of the Three Kingdoms era and want a nice hard copy to put on your bookshelf, we highly encourage you to pledge to order one and enjoy 300+ pages, 130,000+ words, 700+ explanatory footnotes, 3 tables, 3 family trees, and 6 maps in tree format.

Fundraising ends February 15, 2020, to make sure we have enough time to print and distribute the hardcover books in time for the March 15 deadline.