(20.1) Cáo Áng 曹昂 [Zǐxiū 子脩]

Fēng Mǐn-wáng “Martyred King” [Cáo] Áng appellation Zǐxiū. When capped he was nominated as a Filial and Incorruptible candidate. He followed Tàizǔ [Cáo Cāo] on a southern campaign [197], and by Zhāng Xiù came to harm. No sons.


Huángchū Second Year [221] he received posthumous fief with posthumous title Fēng Dào-gōng “Lamented Duke”. Third year [222] Fán Ān-gōng “Calm Duke” [Cáo] Jūn’s son [Cáo] Wǎn was adopted as [Cáo] Áng’s descendant and given fief as Duke of Zhōngdū. That year the fief was moved to Duke of Zhǎngzǐ. Fifth year [224], [Cáo] Áng’s title was increased to Fēng Dào-wáng “Lamented King.”


Tàihé third year [229], [Cáo] Áng’s posthumous title was changed to Mǐn-wáng “Martyred King.” Jiāpíng sixth year [254], [Cáo] Wǎn inherited [Cáo] Áng’s title as King of Fēng. During Zhēngyuán [254-256] and Jǐngyuán [260-264] the fief increased, adding with previous to a total of 2700 households. [Cáo] Wǎn died, and his posthumous title was Gōng-wáng “Respectful King.” His son [Cáo] Lián succeeded.


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