(38.5) Yī Jí 伊籍 [Jībó 機伯]

Yī Jí appellation Jībó, was a Shānyáng man. When young he joined his fellow townsman General Defending the South Liú Biǎo. When Xiān-zhǔ [Liú Bèi] was at Jīngzhōu, Jí often went to visit him. When Biǎo died, he followed Xiān-zhǔ south across the Jiāng, and then followed into Yìzhōu.

After Yìzhōu was settled, Jí was appointed Assistant Internal Cadet to the General of the Left, and received rank second only to Jiǎn Yōng, Sūn Qián, and the rest.

He was sent east as envoy to Wú. Sūn Quán had heard of he was skilled in debate, and wished to debate and defeat him. Jí entered and bowed. Quán said: “Why do you toil for an unworthy lord?” Jí immediately replied: “A bow and a rise is not enough to be considered toil.” Jí’s quick thinking was all of this sort. Quán was deeply impressed.

Later he was promoted General Manifesting Culture, and with Zhūgě Liàng, Fǎ Zhèng, Liú Bā, and Lǐ Yán together composed the Shǔkē. The system of the Shǔkē “Shǔ Administrative Code” was due to these five men.


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