(64.5) Púyáng Xīng 濮陽興 [Zǐyuán 子元]

Púyáng Xīng appellation Zǐyuán was a Chénliú man. His father Yì fled the chaos of Hàn’s final years to the Jiāng’s east, and his office reached Administrator of Chángshā. (1)


  • (1) For matters on Yì see the Biography of Lù Mào

〔一〕 逸事見陸瑁傳。

From youth Xīng had reputation as a scholar. In the time of Sūn Quán he served as Magistrate of Shàngyú, gradually reached Secretariat Left Officer, and as Internal Gentleman-General of All Purposes he went as envoy to Shǔ. When he returned he became Administrator of Kuàijī. At that time the King of Lángyá [Sūn] Xiū was residing at Kuàijī, and Xīng befriended him. When Xiū ascended the throne, he summoned Xīng to serve as Minister of Ceremonies, General of the Guard, in charge of handling military and state affairs, with title as Marquis of Wàihuáng.


Yǒng’ān third year [260], commandant Yán Mì in Dānyáng sought to reclaim fields from the lake by building drainage dykes. An Imperial Order asked the Ministers to gather and discuss this, and all believed that it could not be completed and the fields could not be maintained, and only Xīng believed it could be completed. Therefore he gathered troops and civilians to join the construction, and the costs were uncountable. Many troops died, or became bandits and killed, and the commoners greatly resented him.


[262] Xīng became Chancellor, and colluded with Xiū’s favored subject General of the Left Zhāng Bù, and the people of the state were disappointed.


Seventh year [264] seventh moon, Xiū ended. Military Regulator on the Left Wàn Yù was friendly with the Marquis of Wūchéng Sūn Hào, and so recommended him to Xīng and Bù, so Xīng and Bù deposed Xiū’s principal son and welcomed Hào to ascend. After Hào ascended the Steps, he added to Xīng offices as Attendant-Cadet and Governor of Qīngzhōu. Very soon afterward Yù slandered Xīng and Bù by accusing them of regretting their previous deed [of enthroning Sūn Hào]. Eleventh moon first day, they entered Court, and Hào thereupon arrested Xīng and Bù, exiling them to Guǎngzhōu. On the way he sent men to kill them and exterminate their clans to the third degree.


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