(42.1) Dù Wēi 杜微 [Guófǔ 國輔]

Dù Wēi appellation Guófǔ was a Zǐtóng Fú man. As a youth he was taught by Rèn Ān of Guǎnghàn. Liú Zhāng enlisted him as an Assistant, but he plead illness and resigned. When Xiān-zhǔ [Liú Bèi] settled Shǔ and invited him, he pleaded deafness, closed his doors and would not go out.


Jiànxìng second year [224], the Chancellor [Zhūgě] Liàng was also appointed Governor of Yìzhōu, and sought to select all the greatest talented and virtuous, and so appointed Qín Mì as Aide, Wǔ Liáng as Merit Officer, and Wēi as Registrar. Wēi firmly refused, so a carriage was sent to bring him. When he arrived, Liàng summoned a meeting with Wēi, and Wēi went himself in person out of sympathy.


As Wēi could not hear others speak, he [Zhūgě Liàng] wrote to him and said: “I have heard your virtue and moral ways, and have long hungered and thirsted to meet you, but because the pure and muddy rivers flow between us, we could not meet. Wáng Yuántài, Lǐ Bórèn, Wáng Wényì, Yáng Jìxiū, Dīng Jūngàn, Lǐ Yǒngnán and his brothers, Wén Zhòngbǎo, and so on each sighed and spoke of your high ambitions, but could never meet you. I must rely on hollow and false scholarship to govern our province and with weak virtues bear a heavy burden, and so am constantly anxious and depressed. This year our Imperial Ruler has just turned eighteen, has great beauty, benevolence, and cleverness, and loves virtuous subordinates. The people of the realm cherish and remember the House of Hàn, and I hope you will follow Heaven and obey the People and support this wise ruler, support the achievement of this final restoration, which shall be written and remembered on bamboo and silk. Because the worthy men could not meet and plan together, you were isolated and labored alone and that is all. It was not a plan to wrong you.”


Wēi still pleaded old age and illness to ask to decline, so Liàng again wrote: “Cáo Pī committed regicide and usurped the Imperial Throne, and has the fame of a mud snake and straw dog. I wish to gather the worthy and together strike against this evil false ruler and destroy him. This cannot be done if you will not provide your teachings, and instead wish to return to your mountains and fields. Pī has again raised a great force of conscripts to strike toward Wú and Chǔ. Now Pī has many distractions, while we have defended our borders and established agriculture, developed the people and resources, and governed and prepared the army, so when his invasion is defeated, then we can invade, and without a battle of soldiers or toil of people, the realm can be settled. You need only provide your virtuous assistance at this time and that is all, and need not have military responsibilities. Why so hurriedly beg to leave?”


The veneration of Wēi was like this.


[Dù Wēi] was appointed Critical-Consultant Officer, and followed in that plan.


Wǔ Liáng appellation Déshān, was a Qiánwèi Nán’ān man. He was praised for his Classicist moral integrity. He served as a Consultant, later promoted to Critical-Consultant Grandee and Five Office Internal Cadet-General.


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