(50.2) Lady Xiè 吳主權謝夫人

Wú-zhǔ [Sūn] Quán’s Lady Xiè was a Kuàijī Shānyīn woman. Her father [Xiè] Jiǒng was a Hàn Secretariat Cadet and Magistrate of Xú. (1)


  • (1) [Xiè] Jiǒng’s son [Xiè] Chéng compiled a Hòuhànshū which said that Jiǒng as a youth acted with filial piety and benevolence, and had wise judgment in selecting talents. Jiǒng’s younger brother Zhēn obeyed the law and was devoted to scholarship, was nominated for office as a Filial and Incorruptible candidate and became Chief of Jiànchāng, but died in office.

〔一〕 㷡子承撰後漢書,稱㷡幼以仁孝為行,明達有令才。㷡弟貞,履蹈法度,篤學尚義,舉孝廉,建昌長,卒官。

Quán’s mother Wú arranged for Quán’s betrothal with her as consort, and received great love and favor. Later Quán wed his paternal aunt’s granddaughter surnamed Xú, and wished to rank Xiè below her. Xiè would not agree, and so lost her spirit, and died young. After more then ten years later, her younger brother Chéng was appointed Five Offices Cadet Internal, eventually becoming Commandant of Eastern Chángshā and Administrator of Wǔlíng, and compiled a Hòuhànshū [History of Later Hàn] of over a hundred volumes. (2)


  • (2) Kuàijī Diǎnlù states: Chéng appellation Wěipíng was well-learned and famous. When he experienced something to the end he never forgot it. His son Chóng became General of the Guard, and  Chóng’s younger brother Xù became Administrator of Wú-jùn, and both were well-known.

〔二〕 會稽典錄曰:承字偉平,博學洽聞,嘗所知見,終身不忘。子崇揚威將軍,崇弟勖吳郡太守,並知名。

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