(39.4) Chén Zhèn 陳震 [Xiàoqǐ 孝起]

Chén Zhèn, appellation Xiàoqǐ, was a Nányáng man. When Xiān-zhǔ [Liú Bèi] was Governor of Jīngzhōu [209], he was recruited as an advisor, with authority over the various prefectures, and followed Xiān-zhǔ into Shǔ. When Shǔ was settled [214], he became Commandant of the northern part of Shǔ-jùn. Later because the prefecture name was changed he became Administrator of Wènshān, then transferred to Qiánwèi.


Jiànxīng third year [225], he entered [Court in] the Secretariat, was promoted to Director of the Secretariat, and was sent as an envoy to Wú.


Seventh year [229], Sūn Quán claimed Imperial title, Zhèn was appointed Minister of the Guard, and was sent to congratulate Quán’s ascension. Zhūgě Liàng wrote to his elder brother [Zhūgě] Jǐn: “Xiàoqǐ is of honest and genuine nature, experienced but ever sincere, speaks praise of all things, and is joyful and peaceful. He is praiseworthy.”


Zhèn entered Wú’s borders, and after moving through the pass he said:

“The east joined with the west. The messenger comes and goes. His cap over his view, he extends his pledge to begin in friendship. Daily progress in all affairs, the eastern lord accepts the sacred blessing to rule. He announces his acceptance of the seals, judges the land and space, The realm responds in answer, and each and every pays respect. Now that it has come to this, we may join our hearts to attack the bandit rebels, and when we attack how can we fail to destroy them? The western court’s lord and ministers, eagerly await this happy alliance. I, Zhèn, though untalented, was chosen to come as envoy, To respectfully arrange alliance and friendship, crossing over our border, entering as if returning. When Xiàn-zǐ went to Lǔ, he violated their hill prohibitions, and the Chūnqiū ridiculed him. I expect to certainly serve as messenger to establish friendship. In the next few days I will address the crowds, and each side will pledge alliance. I must continue on swiftly. The state laws here are different, and I fear there may be some violation. Hopefully I will certainly be instructed and shown what should be done.”


Zhèn arrived at Wǔchāng. Sūn Quán and Zhèn together ascended the Altar and drank to pledge alliance, and divide the realm Under Heaven; and so Xú, Yù, Yōu, Qīng belong to Wú; Bìng, Liáng, Jì, Yǎn belong to Shǔ. The lands of Sī province would be divided with Hángǔ pass as the border. Zhèn returned, was given fief as Marquis of Chéngyáng precinct.


Ninth year [231] Capital Protector Lǐ Píng committed an error and falsely called off a campaign to hide it. Zhūgě Liàng with Chief Clerk Jiǎng Wǎn and Internal Attendant Dǒng Yǔn wrote a letter: “When Xiàoqǐ previously went to Wú, he informed us that Zhèngfāng kept the supplies, and the locals believed it could not be sent. We believed the supply manager would not make this mistake and that is all, and had not thought there would be another incident like with Sū and Zhāng, and so were surprised. Only Xiàoqǐ was aware.”


Thirteenth year [235] Zhèn died. His son Jì succeeded.


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