(50.6) Lady Wáng of Nányáng 吳主權王夫人,南陽人

Wú-zhǔ Quán’s Lady Wáng was a Nányáng woman. She was chosen to enter the palace, and during Jiāhé [232-238] she received favor, and bore [Sūn] Xiū. When Hé was Heir-Apparent, Hé’s mother became esteemed powerful, and all the concubines who were loved and favored were sent to reside outside [the palace]. The lady went to Gōng’ān, died, and so was buried there. When  Xiū was enthroned, he sent an envoy to bestow posthumous title as Jìng-Huái  Huánghòu “Venerated and Missed Empress,” and rename the grave to Jìnglíng “Respected Tomb.”


The Wáng clan had no posterity, so her younger [half-]brother of the same mother Wén Yōng was given fief as a Marquis of a precinct.


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