(20.18) Cáo Jūn 曹均

Fán Ān-gōng “Tranquil Duke” [Cáo] Jūn was adopted to serve as his father’s younger brother Jì Gōng-gōng “Respectful Duke” [Cáo] Bīn’s posterity. Jiàn’ān twenty-second year [217] he was given fief as Marquis of Fán. Twenty-fourth year [219] he died. His son Kàng succeeded. Huángchū second year [221], he was advanced to Duke, posthumous title Ān-gōng “Tranquil Duke.”


Third year [222], Kàng’s fief was moved to Duke of Jì. Fourth year [223], the fief was moved to Duke of Túnliú. Jǐngchū first year [237] he died, posthumous title Dìng-gōng “Ordered Duke.” His son Chén succeeded.


During Jǐngchū, Zhèngyuán, Jǐngyuán, the fief accumulated with the previous to a total of 1900 households.


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