(41.2) Wáng Lián 王連 [Wényì 文儀]

Wáng Lián, appellation Wényì, was a Nányáng man. In the time of Liú Zhāng he entered Shǔ, and was appointed Magistrate of Zǐtóng. When Xiān-zhǔ began his rising at Jiāméng and led his army south, Lián closed off his city and would not surrender. Xiān-zhǔ was impressed and did not press hard. After Chéngdū was pacified, he appointed Lián as Magistrate of Shífāng, then transferred to Guǎngdū, and wherever he was stationed he had accomplishments.


He was promoted to Colonel of Salt Administration, managing the salt and iron monopolies, and the income was very high with much benefit for state use, and so he sought out and selected talents to serve in his government office, such as Lǚ Yì, Dù Qí, Liú Gàn, and others, who in the end all became great senior officials and were chosen out by Lián. He was promoted to Administrator of Shǔ-jùn and General Flourishing Industry, with authority over the salt office as before.


Jiànxīng Inaugural Year [223] he was appointed Camp Cavalry Colonel, Chief Clerk to the Chancellor, with fief as Marquis of Píngyáng precinct. At the time the various prefectures in the south were disobedient, and Zhūgě Liàng personally went on campaign against them. Lián protested this, believing: “This is barren land, a countryside full of disease. It is not appropriate to focus the entire state on the risk of this adventure and go.” Liàng was anxious that the abilities of his officers was insufficient and thought that he must go, but Lián’s words were earnest, so he stopped and remained for a long time. Soon Lián died. His son Shān succeeded, and reached office as Administrator of Jiāngyáng.


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