(51.2) Sūn Yú 孫瑜 [Zhòngyì 仲異]

[Sūn] Yú, appellation Zhòngyì, first commanded troops as Colonel Respecting Justice. At the time, there were many wandering exiles and officers west of the Jiāng. Yú modestly welcomed and comforted them, and so obtained their support.


Jiàn’ān ninth year [204] he was appointed Administrator of Dānyáng, was joined by many crowds, reaching over ten thousand men. He was promoted to General Comforting the Distant.


Eleventh year [206], he and Zhōu Yú together attacked the two camps at Má and Bǎo, and defeated them. Afterward he followed Quán in resisting Lord Cáo at Rúxū. Quán wished to go fight open battle, but Yú told Quán that he should be more cautious. Quán did not listen, and the army indeed did not accomplish anything. He was promoted to General Exerting Martial Ability, with authority over his commandery as before, and moved his camp from Lìyáng to Niúzhǔ.


Yú appointed Yǒng’ān man Ráo Zhù  as Chief of Xiāng’ān, Wúxī man Yán Lián as Chief of Jūcháo, and sent them to recruit and welcome the people of the two prefectures of Lújiāng, and both received surrenders and defections. Jìyīn man Mǎ Pǔ loved studying ancient classics. Yú treated him generously, and sent the younger relatives of the officers and officials of his two government offices, numbering several hundred people, to join his work, and so they established a department of scholarship, offering lectures with food and drink. At the time the various officers were all only concerned with military affairs, while Yú loved studying ancient works. Though he was always involved in military affairs, he never ceased in reading and reciting.


At age thirty-nine, Jiàn’ān twentieth year [215] he died.


Yú had five sons: Mí, Xī, Yào, Màn, Hóng. Màn reached rank as General and was titled a Marquis.


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