(34.6) Liú Lǐ 劉理 [Fèngxiào 奉孝]

Liú Lǐ, appellation Fèngxiào, was also a younger half-brother of Hòu-zhǔ. He and Yǒng had different mothers.


Zhāngwǔ first year [221] sixth moon, Excellency of the Masses [Xǔ] Jìng was sent to enthrone Lǐ as King of Liáng. The order read: “Our younger son, We have carried on Hàn’s succession, respecfully accepted Heaven’s Mandate, carrying on the old order, and so establish you in the east, to serve as a defender and supporter of Hàn. These lands of Liáng, is a state defending the capital lands, the people are educated and cultured, and are easily guided by the Rites. Go forth with all your heart, care for and protect the people, so that your state shall endure, and as King venerate it!”


Jiànxīng eighth year [230], his fief was changed to King of Ānpíng.


Yánxī seventh year [244] he died. His posthumous name was Dào-wáng “Lamented King.” His son Āi-wáng “Tragic King” Yìn succeeded, and in the nineteenth year [256] he died. His son Shāng-wáng “Died-young King” Chéng succeeded, and in the twentieth year [257] he died.


Jǐngyào fourth year [261] an Imperial Order said: “The King of Ānpíng received the former Emperor’s command. Three generations all died young, and the state’s succession line was cut off. We are pained with grief and mourning. Therefore we install Marquis of Wǔyì [Liú] Jí to inherit the title as King.” Jí was a son of Lǐ. Xiánxī first year [264], he was moved east to Luòyáng, appointed Esteemed Chariots Commandant, and given fief as Marquis of a village.


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