(55.3) Hán Dāng 韓當 [Yìgōng 義公]

Hán Dāng appellation Yìgōng was a Liáoxī Língzhī man. As he was good with bow and horse and had great strength, he was favored by Sūn Jiān, followed on campaigns all around, repeatedly was in danger, defeated and captured enemies, and became Separate Command Major. (1)


  • (1) Wúshū states: Dāng was hardworking and had achievement. With his army assistants and followers he shared credit with the heroic, and therefore his rank did not increase. To the end of Jiān’s time, he was a Separate Command Major.

〔一〕 吳書曰:當勤苦有功,以軍旅陪隸,分於英豪,故爵位不加。終於堅世,為別部司馬。

When Sūn Cè crossed east [197], he followed in suppressing three commanderies, was promoted to Colonel First Ascending, was given two thousand soldiers and fifty cavalry. He followed the campaign against Liú Xūn, the defeat of Huáng Zǔ, returned to suppress Póyáng, was given office as Chief of Lè’ān, and the mountain Yuè peoples were frightened to submission.


Later as Internal Cadet-General he with Zhōu Yú and the others resisted and defeated Lord Cáo [208], and also with Lǚ Méng attacked and captured Nán-jùn, was promoted to Deputy-General with office as Administrator of Yǒngchāng.


In the Yídū campaign [223] he with Lù Xùn, Zhū Rán, and others together attacked the Shǔ army at Zhuōxiāng, greatly defeated them, and was transferred to General of Fierce Authority with fief as Marquis of a capital precinct.


Cáo Zhēn attacked Nán-jùn, and Dāng defended the southeast. He was outside as the commander, encouraged the officers and soldiers to have the same heart to firmly defend, also was deeply respectful to supervisors, followed and obeyed law and orders, and [Sūn] Quán praised him.


Huángwǔ second year [223] he was given fief as Marquis of Shíchéng, promoted to General Manifesting Martial ability, with office as Administrator of Guànjūn, and afterward was added with Chief Commander title. He commanded Dare-to-Die and Resolving-Disaster soldiers, ten thousand men, suppressed Dānyáng rebels, and defeated them. At that time he fell ill and died, and his son Zōng inherited his Marquisate and command of his soldiers.


That year, [Sūn] Quán campaigned against Shíyáng, and as Zōng was in mourning, sent him to defend Wǔchāng, but Zōng was unrestrained and violated law. Though Quán because of his father therefore did not investigate, Zōng inside harbored fear (1), took his father’s body, and led his mother and family dependents and personal retainers men and women several thousand people to flee to Wèi.


  • (1) Wúshū states: Zōng wished to rebel, was afraid his attendants would not follow, and therefore secretly sent people to rob and plunder, acted as if he wished to spare them, caused the others to imitate this, and it became the army’s great worry. Later he therefore falsely said there was an Imperial Order, that because the retainers had been lenient to robbers, said: “Officers and officials down are to be together arrested for sentencing,” and also said he feared the crime would reach him. The attendants therefore said: “We can only flee and that is all.” Therefore they together made plans, used the excuse of burying his father, to completely call all his female relatives, wed all of them to his officers and officials, and all his maidservants and concubines he bestowed to his closest followers, killed an ox to drink wine and make blood oath, and with them together made an oath of alliance.

〔一〕 吳書曰:綜欲叛,恐左右不從,因諷使劫略,示欲饒之,轉相放效,為行旅大患。後因詐言被詔,以部曲為寇盜見詰讓,云「將吏以下,當並收治」,又言恐罪自及。左右因曰:「惟當去耳。」遂共圖計,以當葬父,盡呼親戚姑姊,悉以嫁將吏,所幸婢妾,皆賜與親近,殺牛飲酒歃血,與共盟誓。

Wèi appointed him General with fief as Marquis of Guǎngyáng. He repeatedly raided the borders, killing and harming the people, and Quán always gnashed his teeth [in anger]. In the Dōngxīng campaign, Zōng was the front line, the army was defeated and he died, and Zhūgě Kè beheaded and sent his head, to present to [Sūn] Quán’s Temple.


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