(59.2) Sūn Lǜ 孫慮 [Zǐzhì 子智]

Sūn Lǜ, appellation Zǐzhì, was Dēng’s younger brother. From youth he was quick, kind, and talented, and Quán greatly loved him. Huángwǔ seventh year [228] he was given fief as Marquis of Jiànchāng. Two years later, Chancellor [Gù] Yōng and others memorialized that Lǜ’s intelligence and ability was great and daily increasing, and so following the example of Hàn it was appropriate to advance his title to King, but Quán did not permit this.


For a long time, the Secretariat Deputy-Directors stored a submitted memorial: “Among prosperous monarchs, there were none who did not esteem their close kin and glorify their consorts. Therefore the states of Lǔ and Wèi received favor from Zhōu surpassing the other vassals, and Gāo-dì’s five [sons became] Kings and were given fief by Hàn, in order to serve as defenders of the Imperial Court and the guardians of the state. The Marquis of Jiànchāng Lǜ is naturally intelligent and gifted in both civil and military ability, and by the ancient ways it is suitable to give suitable title. Your Majesty Descending the Throne modestly declined, and has not yet permitted following the old ways until the various ministers great and small have each received fief. Now treacherous bandits run about wildly and metal and drums have not ceased in use. There are internal civil officials and outer military fighters, but relatives must work together with the worthy. Discussing this with Chancellor Yōng, all agree that Lǜ should be appointed Chief General Defending the Army, to receive appointment to assist in carrying on the Great Enterprise.” Quán then permitted this, along with a Acting Staff of Authority and personal staff, managing half a province. (1)


  • (1) Wúshū records Quán’s Imperial Order: “At this time all is disturbed and disordered, vicious criminals wreck havoc, punishments are issued continuously, and use of weapons is unrestrained. Lǜ’s spirit and will are greatly esteemed, his military planning clear and manifest, and he is certainly capable in assisting the state in settling the Great Enterprise. Therefore he shall receive rank as a high officer, renown with unique honors, favor with military authority, and experience with appointment as assistant. Outside his authority shall shake enemies and criminals and eliminate troubles far away. Inside he shall defend and support both far and near and comfort the worries of officers and soldiers. This is truly the time for Lǜ to establish achievement and support the Mandate. Lǜ within cultivates civility and virtue and outside develops military learning. His cultivation grows as if rushing forth, filling yet not overflowing. With vigilant and cautious heart, there is no concern in this appointment.”

〔一〕 吳書載權詔曰:「期運擾亂,凶邪肆虐,威罰有序,干戈不戢。以慮氣志休懿,武略夙昭,必能為國佐定大業,故授以上將之位,顯以殊特之榮,寵以兵馬之勢,委以偏方之任。外欲威振敵虜,厭難萬里,內欲鎮撫遠近,慰卹將士,誠慮建功立事竭命之秋也。慮其內脩文德,外經武訓,持盈若沖,則滿而不溢。敬慎乃心,無忝所受。」

Lǜ was honored as an Imperial son, but had many seasons to come, and far and near all doubted if he would be able to remain focused. When the time came that he managed affairs, he obediently followed the law, was respectful to friends and teachers, and exceeded all expectations.


At age twenty, Jiāhé first year [232] he died. No sons. Fief abolished.


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