(51.6) Sūn Fǔ 孫輔 [Guóyí 國儀]

Sūn Fǔ appellation Guóyí was [Sūn] Bēn’s younger brother. As Colonel Raising Martial Ability he assisted Sūn Cè in pacifying three commanderies. [Sūn] Cè attacked the seven counties of Dānyáng, and sent [Sūn] Fǔ west to garrison Lìyáng to resist Yuán Shù and also invite and recruit more people, and he assembled and united many who were scattered. He also followed Cè in attacking Língyáng, and captured Zǔ Láng and others alive. (1)


  • (1) Jiāngbiǎozhuàn states: Cè had pacified the east of the Jiāng, and pursued Yuán Yìn. Yuán Shù deeply resented Cè, and therefore secretly sent messengers to present seals and ribbons to the Dānyáng clan leader Zǔ Láng of Língyáng and others, to send them to stir up the mountain Yuè peoples and raise a great army, planning to together attack Cè. Cè personally led officers and soldiers to attack [Zǔ] Láng and captured him alive. Cè said to Láng: “You in the past attacked me, and cut my saddle. Now I lead the army to establish great work, forget and abandon old enmities, and only seek to employ the able, from any in the realm Under Heaven and that is all, not only you. You have nothing to fear.” Láng bowed his head to the ground and apologized for his faults, and at once his bounds were broken, he was bestowed clothes and installed as Official Below the Gates. When the army returned, [Zǔ] Láng with Tàishǐ Cí were both at the front guiding the army, and men noticed their honor.

〔一〕 江表傳曰:策既平定江東,逐袁胤。袁術深怨策,乃陰遣閒使齎印綬與丹楊宗帥陵陽祖郎等,使激動山越,大合眾,圖共攻策。策自率將士討郎,生獲之。策謂郎曰:「爾昔襲擊孤,斫孤馬鞍,今創軍立事,除棄宿恨,惟取能用,與天下通耳。非但汝,汝莫恐怖。」郎叩頭謝罪。即破械,賜衣服,署門下賊曹。及軍還,郎與太史慈俱在前導軍,人以為榮。

Cè went west to attack Administrator of Lújiāng Liú Xūn, and Fǔ accompanied, personally leading at the front of the troops, and had achievement. Cè established Fǔ as Administrator of Lúlíng, calmed and settled its cities, and was separately installed as Chief Clerk. He was promoted to General Pacifying the South, with Acting Staff of Authority and office as Inspector of Jiāozhōu. He sent an envoy to with Excellency Cáo exchange information, the matter was discovered, and [Sūn] Quán placed him under house arrest. (2)


  • (2) Diǎnlüè states: Fǔ feared Quán could not defend and maintain the east of the Jiāng, and therefore when Quán traveled to Dōngyě he then sent someone to bring a letter to call on Excellency Cáo, but someone discovered and reported this. Quán therefore returned, acted as if he did not know, and with Zhāng Zhāo together met with Fǔ. Quán said to Fǔ: “Elder brother if something is troubling you, why call on an outsider?” Fǔ said there was no matter. Quán therefore gave the letter to Zhāo, and Zhāo showed it to Fǔ. Fǔ in shame had no answer. Therefore they beheaded all of Fǔ’s closest attendants, divided up his retainers, and moved Fǔ and placed him east.

〔二〕 典略曰:輔恐權不能保守江東,因權出行東冶,乃遣人齎書呼曹公。行人以告,權乃還,偽若不知,與張昭共見輔,權謂輔曰:「兄厭樂邪,何為呼他人?」輔云無是。權因投書與昭,昭示輔,輔慚無辭。乃悉斬輔親近,分其部曲,徒輔置東。

After several years he died. His sons Xīng, Zhāo, Wěi, and Xīn all held office.


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