(39.1) Dǒng Hé 董和 [Yòuzǎi 幼宰]

Dǒng Hé appellation Yòuzǎi was a Nánjùn Zhījiāng man, his ancestors originally were Bājùn Jiāngzhōu men. At Hàn’s end, Hé led his clansmen to move west, and Yì Province Governor Liú Zhāng appointed him to Niúbì and Jiāngyuán Chief, and Chéngdū Magistrate. Shǔ’s land was rich, and at the times customs became extravagant, wealth producing families wore clothes of Marquis and ate with jade utensils, and marriage ceremonies and funeral processions ruined families in exhausting resources. Hé personally led with frugality, with coarse clothes and vegetarian food, guarded against excess and usurpation, and by this setting of system, wherever he was all changed in manner and became good, fearful and not violating. However in the county borders the powerful and strong resented Hé’s strict laws, and persuaded [Liú] Zhāng to transfer Hé to Bādōng Dependent State Commandant. The officials and people old and young who brought each other along to beg to keep Hé were several thousand people, [Liú] Zhāng listened and he remained for two years, returned and was promoted to Yìzhōu Administrator, and his purity and frugality was like before. With the Mán and Yì peoples he followed in affairs, enacting matters with sincere heart, and the southern lands loved and trusted in him.


Xiānzhǔ [Liú Bèi] settled Shǔ, and summoned Hé as Handing Army Internal Cadet General, to with Master of the Army General Zhūgě Liàng together manage the General of the Left Marshal-in-Chief Office affairs, presenting proposals and vetoes, and both had happy dealings. Since Hé occupied of office and drew salary, outside he governed special regions, inside he managed critical judgments, for over twenty years, and on the day he died his family had no stored wealth.


[Zhūgě] Liàng later became Chancellor, and told his various subordinates: “Advising in the office, is gathering everyone’s thoughts and spreading loyal benefit. If afar there is small resentment, but the trouble of agreement or opposition is hidden, then there are vast losses. If opposition is overturned and unity obtained, it is like relinquishing broken stilts and obtaining pearls and jade. However the people’s hearts’ suffering cannot be exhausted, only Xú [Shù] Yuánzhí could deal without doubt, and also Dǒng [Hé] Yòuzǎi advised the office for seven years, if a matter was not understood, he would deal with it ten times, to reach mutual understanding. If one is able to learn one tenth of Yuánzhí, or Yòuzǎi’s industrious attentiveness and loyalty to the state, then I can have fewer mistakes.”


He also said: “In the past when I first interacted with [Cuī] Zhōupíng, I repeatedly heard my gains and losses. Later I interacted with [Xú Shù] Yuánzhí, I regularly met with his teaching. Earlier I consulted matters with [Dǒng Hé] Yòuzǎi, and with every speech he was thorough. Later I followed matters with Wěidù, and repeatedly had his remonstrants to stop. Although my disposition and nature is rustic and ignorant, unable to always accept [their remonstrants], however with these four masters to the end from beginning were friendly and together, and also sufficient to understand them without doubt of their upright words.” His recollections of Hé was like this. (1)


  • (1) Wěidù was surnamed Hú, named Jì, a Yìyáng man. He was [Zhūgě] Liàng’s Registrar, had loyalty in actions, and therefore met with praise. [Zhūgě] Liàng died, and he became Central Arranger of the Army, governing the various armies, with fief as Marquis of Chéngyáng precinct, promoted to Central Supervisor of the Army and General of the Front, Commander of Hànzhōng, with Acting Staff and office as Inspector of Yǎn Province, reaching Right General of Elite Cavalry. [Hú] Jì’s younger brother [Hú] Bó, successively was Cháng River Colonel and Secretariat.

〔一〕 偉度者,姓胡,名濟,義陽人。為亮主簿,有忠藎之效,故見褒述。亮卒,為中典軍,統諸軍,封成陽亭侯,遷中監軍前將軍,督漢中,假節領兗州刺史,至右驃騎將軍。濟弟博,歷長水校尉尚書。

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