(41.5) Yáng Hóng 楊洪 [Jìxiū 季休]

Yáng Hóng appellation Jìxiū was a Qiánwèi Wǔyáng man. In Liú Zhāng’s time he successively served in various prefectures. Xiānzhǔ settled Shǔ, and Administrator Lǐ Yán ordered him as Merit Officer. [Lǐ] Yán wished to relocate the prefecture’s headquarters residence, Hóng firmly remonstrated but was not listened to, and therefore resigned from Merit Officer, and asked to leave. [Lǐ] Yán wished to recommend Hóng to the Province, and he became Shǔ Division Attending Official. Xiānzhǔ contested Hànzhōng, and urgently wrote letter to send troops, Master of the Army General Zhūgě Liàng asked about this to Hóng, and Hóng said: “Hànzhōng is Yì Province’s throat, the critical meeting between survival and destruction, if there is no Hànzhōng then there is no Shǔ, this is the disaster of household doors. In present matters, males should battle, females should transport, why doubt sending troops?” At the time Shǔ Prefecture Administrator Fǎ Zhèng accompanied Xiānzhǔ going north, [Zhūgě] Liàng therefore memorialized Hóng as acting office as Shǔ Prefecture Administrator, the multitude of matters were all managed, and therefore he then held the full office. Shortly afterward, he was transferred to Yì Province Internal Manager Attending Official.


When Xiānzhǔ claimed Imperial title, he campaigned against Wú but was unsuccessful, and returned to Yǒng’ān. Hànjiā Administrator Huáng Yuán previously with Zhūgě Liàng was not friendly, heard Xiānzhǔ was ill, feared there would be later misfortune, and led his prefecture to rebel, burning Línqióng city. At the time [Zhūgě] Liàng had gone east to examine the illness, and Chéngdū was alone and empty, and therefore [Huáng] Yuán all the more had no fear. Hóng at once informed the Heir-Apparent, dispatching their personal troops, sending Generals Chén Hū and Zhèng Chuò to suppress [Huáng] Yuán. Everyone commented believing if [Huáng] Yuán could not besiege Chéngdū, then he would from Yuèxī occupy Nánzhōng. Hóng said: “[Huáng] Yuán by nature is violent and brutal, and has no grace or faith with others, how could he do this? He can do no more than ride the river east downstream, hoping the Ruler Above is peaceful and secure, to with [dirtied] face and bound return to death; if he has doubts, he will flee to Wú to beg for life and that is all. Order [Chén] Hū and [Zhèng] Chuò merely to at Nán’ān Xiákǒu screen and he will be taken.” [Chén] Hū and [Zhèng] Chuò followed Hóng’s words, and indeed captured alive [Huáng] Yuán. Hóng in Jiànxīng Inaugural Year [223] was bestowed rank as Marquis Within the Passes, again was Shǔ Prefecture Administrator and Loyal Integrity General, later became Yuè Cavalry Colonel, with office over the prefecture as before.


Fifth Year [227], Chancellor [Zhūgě] Liàng went north to station at Hànzhōng, wished to employ Zhāng Yì as Remaining Office Chief Clerk, and asked Hóng about it. Hóng answered: “[Zhāng] Yì by nature is clever and perceptive, excels in governing acutely, and his talent truly is sufficient for it, however his nature is not impartial, and one fears he cannot be specially appointed, it is not as good as leaving Xiàng Lǎng. [Xiàng] Lǎng’s nature has few falsehoods and errors, [Zhāng] Yì should accompany below him, to enact his unique ability, and matters for both will be good.” Previously, [Zhāng] Yì when young with Hóng were close and friendly, [Zhāng] Yì was in exile at Wú, Hóng oversaw [Zhāng] Yì’s prefecture, [Zhāng] Yì’s son [Zhāng] Yù was a prefecture official, due to a small offense received punishment, and was not specially pardoned. [Zhāng] Yì later returned and heard this, and deeply because of this was resentful, and with Hóng’s good feelings had decrease. When Hóng saw [Zhūgě] Liàng was going out, he went to [Zhāng] Yì, and said all that he had advised. [Zhāng] Yì replied to Hóng: “His Excellency has already left me, your enlightened governor cannot stop it.” At the time of the people some suspected Hóng’s intention was to be Chief Clerk, some suspected Hóng knew [Zhāng] Yì disliked him, and was unwilling for [Zhāng] Yì to occupy critical position, and manage later matters. Later [Zhāng] Yì with Managing Salt Colonel Cén Shù were not harmonious, reaching anger and hatred. [Zhūgě] Liàng with [Zhāng] Yì had letter saying: “You in the past were at Mòxià, your camps were destroyed, and I for this used my heart, when eating unable to taste; later you were exiled to Nánhǎi, and I for this sighed in lament, when lying down unable to rest; when you came and returned, you were entrusted with great appointment, and also rewarded by the Ruling House, and I believed I with you have the ancient’s stone relation. The principle of stone relation, is to nominate enemies to mutually benefit, cut off bone and flesh relations to mutually enlighten, and yet not mutually apologize. Moreover I only entrusted intentions to [Cén Shù] Yuánjiǎn, but you sir cannot endure it?” Those discussing this because of this understood Hóng was not selfish.


Hóng when young did not enjoy scholarship, but was loyal and pure, was concerned for the public like his own family, and treated his stepmother with utmost filial piety. Sixth Year [228] he died in office. Originally Hóng was Lǐ Yán’s Merit Officer, [Lǐ] Yán had not yet left Qiánwèi and Hóng had already become Shǔ Prefecture [Administrator]. Hóng’s Document Aide Below the Gate Hé Zhī, had talent and strategy and achievement, was nominated as a prefecture official, in several years he became Guǎnghàn Administrator, at the time Hóng also was still at Shǔ prefecture. Therefore the western lands all admired Zhūgě Liàng’s ability to thoroughly employ the time’s people’s talents. (1)


  • (1) Yìbù Qíjiùzhuàn Zájì states: At every Court meeting, [Hé] Zhī after Hóng sat. He teased [Hé] Zhī: “When will your horse gallop?” [Hé] Zhī said: “I your former suordinate’s horse does not dare gallop, only because your enlightened governorship has not yet whipped it and that is all.” Everyone passed it on to laugh.
  • [Hé] Zhī appellation Jūnsù, when young was very poor, as a man was generous and gave relief, his body was very strong and large, and also able to drink and eat, he liked sound and looks, did not maintain frugality, and therefore of the time’s people few honored him. Once he dreamed inside a well grew a mulberry tree, he asked this to the dream diviner Zhào Zhí, and [Zhào] Zhí said: “A mulberry tree is not something to be inside a well, and will be moved; however the word ‘mulberry tree’ is four ‘tens’ and a lower ‘eight’ , and your lifespan one fears will not surpass this.” [Hé] Zhī laughed and said: “Obtaining this is enough.” He began with appointment in the prefecture, later became Commander Army Attending Official. At the time Zhūgě Liàng’s use of law was severe and confidential, he secretly heard [Hé] Zhī traveled and played without restraint, was not diligent in his duties, and once suddenly went to the prison he managed. Everyone all for [Hé] Zhī was afraid. [Hé] Zhī secretly heard this, and in the night spread lamp fires to inspect the prisoners, and read their various situations. Zhūgě [Liàng] in the morning went, [Hé] Zhī in all cases had already secretly memorized, and answered with explanations, without any pauses, and [Zhūgě] Liàng was deeply impressed with him. He was sent out as to fill vacancy as Chéngdū Magistrate, at the time Píxiàn Magistrate was vacant, and [Hé] Zhī simultaneously held two counties, the two counties’ population was very many, very close to the capital, and so was abundant in various treacheries and corruptions. In every comparison to others, he frequently slept, but when on duty and awake, at once he discovered treachery and deception, and everyone all feared [Hé] Zhī’s setting out and capturing, and some believed he had [divination] methods, and none dared be deceivers. He had people do calculations, [Hé] Zhī would listen to their reciting and in his heart calculate them, and had no disagreement and were in accord, his proficiency was like this. Wènshān’s Yí peoples were not at ease, and [Hé] Zhī became Wénshān Administrator, the people and Yí submitted and trusted him. He was shifted to Guǎnghàn. Later the Yí rebelled, saying: “Only obtaining his enlightened governorship Hé, then can we be calmed and that is all!” At the time it was difficult to again send [Hé] Zhī, so they selected [Hé] Zhī’s clansman for it, and Wènshān again was secure. They transferred [Hé] Zhī to Qiánwèi. At forty eight years he died, like [Zhào] Zhí had said. Later there was Guǎnghàn’s Wáng Lí, appellation Bóyuán, who also for talent and ability was prominent. He became Commander Army Attending Official, in enacting law was fair, was gradually promoted, and succeeded [Hé] Zhī as Qiánwèi Administrator, his government had good merits,and although his intelligence did not match [Hé] Zhī, yet his literary talent surpassed him.

〔一〕 益部耆舊傳雜記曰:每朝會,祗次洪坐。嘲祗曰:「君馬何駛?」祗曰:「故吏馬不敢駛,但明府未著鞭耳。」眾傳之以為笑。祗字君肅,少寒貧,為人寬厚通濟,體甚壯大,又能飲食,好聲色,不持節儉,故時人少貴之者。嘗夢井中生桑,以問占夢趙直,直曰:「桑非井中之物,會當移植;然桑字四十下八,君壽恐不過此。」祗笑言「得此足矣」。初仕郡,後為督軍從事。時諸葛亮用法峻密,陰聞祗游戲放縱,不勤所職,嘗奄往錄獄。眾人咸為祗懼。祗密聞之,夜張燈火見囚,讀諸解狀。諸葛晨往,祗悉已闇誦,答對解釋,無所凝滯,亮甚異之。出補成都令,時郫縣令缺,以祗兼二縣。二縣戶口猥多,切近都治,饒諸奸穢,每比人,常眠睡,值其覺寤,輒得奸詐,眾咸畏祗之發摘,或以為有術,無敢欺者。使人投算,祗聽其讀而心計之,不差升合,其精如此。汶山夷不安,以祗為汶山太守,民夷服信。遷廣漢。後夷反叛,辭〔曰〕「令得前何府君,乃能安我耳」!時難〔復〕屈祗,拔祗族人為〔之〕,汶山復得安。轉祗為犍為。年四十八卒,如直所言。後有廣漢王離,字伯元,亦以才幹顯。為督軍從事,推法平當,稍遷,代祗為犍為太守,治有美績,雖聰明不及祗,而文采過之也。


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