(20.24) Cáo Ruí 曹蕤

Běihǎi Dào-wáng “Lamented King” [Cáo] Ruí, Huángchū Seventh Year [226], Míng-dì succeeded the throne, and established him as King of Yángpíng county. Tàihé Sixth Year [233], changed fief to Běihǎi. Qīnglóng Inaugural Year [233] he died. Second Year [234], the King of Lángyé’s son [Cáo] Zàn was transferred to be Ruí’s descendant, with fief as Chāng village Duke. Jǐngchū Second Year [238], he was established as King of Ráo’ān. Zhèngshǐ Seventh Year [246], transferred fief to Wén’ān. During Zhèngyuán and Jǐngyuán, gradually increased fief, adding with the previous to 3500 households.


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