(20.26) Cáo Lín 曹霖

Dōnghǎi Dìng-wáng [Cáo] Lín, Huángchū Third Year [222] was established as King of Hédōng. Sixth Year [225], changed in fief to Guǎntáo county. Míng-dì succeeded the throne [226], and following the Late Emperor’s legacy intentions, he favorably treated Lín distinct from the various states. But Lín by nature was coarse and violent, within the women’s doors, among the maidservants and concubines, many were by him harmed. Tàihé Sixth Year [233], changed fief to Dōnghǎi. Jiāpíng Inaugural Year [249] he died, his son [Cáo] Qǐ succeeded. During Jǐngchū, Zhèngyuán, and Jǐngyuán, gradually increased fief, adding with the previous to 6200 households. The Duke of Gāoguì village [Cáo] Máo was Lín’s son, and entered to continue the Main Line.


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