(36.6) Appraisal [of Guān 關, Zhāng 張, Mǎ 馬, Huáng 黃, Zhào 趙]

Appraisal states:

Guān Yǔ and Zhāng Fēi both were praised as a match for ten thousand men, were the era’s tiger ministers. Yǔ repaid with service to Excellency Cáo, Fēi righteously released Yán Yán, both having a state elite’s manner. However Yǔ was stubborn and self boastful, Fēi was violent and without kindness; by shortcomings obtaining destruction, is a constantly repeated principle.

Mǎ Chāo relied on the Róng and his own valor, thus overturning his clan, a pity! [Yet he was] able to from destitution reach peace, was it not yet a better fate?

Huáng Zhōng and Zhào Yún were strong and ferocious, both were claws and teeth, were they of Guàn [Yīng] and [Duke of] Téng’s [Xiàhóu Yīng] sort?


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