(59.4) Sūn Bà 孫霸 [Zǐwēi 子威]

Sūn Bà appellation Zǐwēi, was [Sūn] Hé’s younger brother. [Sūn] Hé became Heir-Apparent, Bà became King of Lǔ, his favor and love high and special, with Hé without difference. Shortly after this, sound of Hé and Bà not getting along was heard by [Sūn] Quán, and [Sūn] Quán prohibited and cut off their contacts, claiming it was to have them focus on study.


Commander of the Army Envoy Yáng Chén sent up memorial that said: “I your servant have heard that those possessing the realm Under Heaven, all first clearly distinguish principal and lesser [son], establish fief on junior relatives, so as to honor and value ancestors, and serve the state as screens and borders. The Two Palaces [Sūn Hé and Sūn Bà] received bestowal, within the seas declares it appropriate, and this then is the foundation of Great Wú’s rise and flourishing. Shortly after one hears the Two Palaces are both cut off from guest retainers, far and near are frightened, large and small lose hope. I humbly follow the lower discussions, listen and select out the multitude of debates, and all say the Two Palaces are intelligent and talented, and from the establishment of their titles, to now it has been three years, their virtue and conduct insider are known, their beautiful praise outside is clear, the west [Shǔ] and north [Wèi] two corners, have long time admired their reputation. I say Your Majesty should complement and follow the near and far in submitting to virtue, and industriously order the Two Palaces to make guests across the four quarters, to have different states hear their reputation, and think of being their subjects. Now you have not yet considered thoughts like this, and send out enlightened Imperial Order, to remove and take away their guard, restrain and cut off their guest retainers, so that the Four Quarters’ ritual and respect, are no longer able to be connected, and though it truly is Your Majesty esteeming ancient principles, wishing to have the Two Palaces concentrate their ambitions on study, and no longer consider observing and listening to lesser matters, to spend time on reviewing the old and learning the new and nothing more, however it is not what servant subordinates lean to look toward in utmost hopes. Some say the Two Palaces do not honor the canon standards, this is why I your servant when lying down cannot be at ease. If it is as suspected, it is appropriate to investigate, secretly add deliberations, to not have the distant and near obtain doubtful words. I your servant fear accumulation of doubts will create slander, and after a long time it will spread and flow, and the west and north two corners, from the state are not far, and different and similar speech, are easy to be heard and transmitted. The day it is heard and transmitted, the sound of discussion will rise, and will say the Two Palaces have transgressions of disobedience, and it is not known how Your Majesty will resolve it? If there is nothing to resolve the different states, then also there is nothing to explain within the borders. If within the borders the defense is doubtful, the different states will rise and slander, and this is not how to become imposing, and defend the State Altars. May Your Majesty early send out superior Imperial Order, to have the Two Palaces socialize with ritual command as previously, and then Heaven will be pure and Earth calm, and all states will be fortunate.”


At the time Quán Jì, Wú Ān, Sūn Qí, Yáng Zhú and others secretly joined and supported Bà, planning to endanger the Heir-Apparent. Slander and defamation then spread, the Heir-Apparent was thus deposed, and Bà also was bestowed with death [forced to suicide]. [Yáng] Zhú’s corpse floated in the Jiāng, his elder brother [Yáng] Mù for repeatedly remonstrating and warning [Yáng] Zhú, obtained escape from capital punishment, and was only exiled to Nánzhōu. After Bà was bestowed with death, they also executed [Quán] Jì, [Wú] Ān, [Sūn] Qí and the rest, all because of allying with Bà and opposing Hé.


Bà had two sons, Jī and Yī. During Wǔfèng [254-256], fief was given on Jī as Marquis of Wú, on Yī as Marquis of Wǎnlíng.


Jī attended to Sūn Liàng on the inside, Tàipíng Second Year [257], he stole and rode government horse, was arrested and sent to prison. [Sūn] Liàng asked Attendant Internal Diāo Xuán: “For stealing and riding government horse the punishment is what?”


[Diāo] Xuán replied: “By law it should be death. However the King of Lǔ early died, may Your Majesty pity and forgive it.”


[Sūn] Liàng said: “The law, is what all Under Heaven shares, how can it be forgiven due to kinship? You should think of how to resolve this, but how can it due to feeling be compelled?”


[Diāo] Xuán said: “The ancients in amnesties had their large and small, some on all Under Heaven, some also on a thousand lǐ or five hundred lǐ, following their wishes and deciding.”


Liàng said: “Would releasing men thus be not suitable!” Therefore he gave amnesty on those within the Palace, and Jī by this escaped.


Sūn Hào succeeded the throne, and in memorial of the old discord between Hé and Bà, reduced Jī and Yī in noble rank and territory, and with their father’s mother consort Xiè they all were relocated to Kuàijī’s Wūshāng county.



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