(17.2) Yuè Jìn 樂進 [Wénqiān 文謙]

Yuè Jìn appellation Wénqiān, was a Yángpíng Wèiguó man. His appearance was short and small, with guts and fierceness he followed Tàizǔ, and became a banner man official. He was sent back to his home prefecture to recruit troops, obtained over a thousand men, returned and became Army Acting Major and Cracking Battle lines Commandant. He followed in striking Lǚ Bù at Púyáng, Zhāng Chāo at Yōngqiū, Qiáo Lì at Kǔ, in all first to ascend and had achievement, given fief as Guǎngchāng precinct Marquis. He followed in campaigning against Zhāng Xiù at Ānzhòng, besieging Lǚ Bù at Xiàpī, defeating separate division officers, striking Suī Gù at Shèquǎn, attacking Liú Bèi at Pèi, and defeated them all, and was appointed Suppressing Bandits Colonel. He crossed the Hé to attack Huòjiā, returned, followed in striking Yuán Shào at Guāndù, with strength battled, beheading Shào’s officer Chúnyú Qióng. He followed in striking [Yuán] Tán and [Yuán] Shàng at Líyáng, beheading their chief officer Yán Jìng, becoming Acting Moving Strike General. He separately struck Huángjīn [“Yellow Scarves”], defeated them, and settled Lè’ān prefecture. He followed in besieging Yè, Yè was settled, and followed in striking Yuán Tán at Nánpí, was first to ascend, entering Tán’s east gate. Tán was defeated, he separately attacked Yōngnú, defeated it.


Jiàn’ān Eleventh Year [206], Tàizǔ memorialized the Hàn Emperor, praising Jìn and Yú Jìn, Zhāng Liáo, stating: “Their military strength overwhelming, strategic planning thoroughly prepared, character loyal and nature unified, holding to and grasping integrity and righteousness, in every battle and attack, they always serve as commanding leaders, exerting their strength to charge against hard positions, with no resistance they do not crack, personally assisting and beating the drums, their hands do not know weariness. Also sending them on separate campaign, they manage and control the armies, consoling the masses to then be harmonious, presenting orders none violate, and facing the enemy in decisive action, they do not fail. In discussing achievement order and employment, it is appropriate for each to be specially favored.” Therefore [Yú] Jìn became Tiger Authority, [Yuè] Jìn became Breaking Charge, and [Zhāng] Liáo became Sweeping away Bandits General.


Jìn separately campaigned against Gāo Gàn, following the north road to enter Shàngdǎng, turning to set out against their rear. [Gāo] Gàn and the rest returned to defend Húguān, in repeated battles heads were taken, [Gāo] Gàn firmly defended and was not yet taken, it happened that Tàizǔ personally campaigned against him, and then took him. Tàizǔ campaigned against Guǎn Chéng, the army was at Chúnyú, and sent Jìn with Lǐ Diǎn to strike them. [Guǎn] Chéng was defeated and fled, escaping onto a sea island, the sea shore was pacified, Jīng Province was not yet submitting, and he was sent to garrison Yángdí. Later he followed in pacifying Jīng Province, remained to garrison Xiāngyáng, struck Guān Yǔ, Sū Fēi, and others, and all were driven away, and Nán prefecture’s various mountain and valley Mán and Yí tribes visited Jìn to surrender. He also suppressed Liú Bèi’s Lǐnjǔ Chief Dù Pǔ, Jīngyáng Chief Liáng Dà, and greatly defeated them all. Later he followed in campaigning against Sūn Quán, and Jìn was given Acting Staff of Authority. Tàizǔ returned, leaving Jìn with Zhāng liáo, Lǐ Diǎn to garrison Héféi, increasing fief by 500, adding to the previous to 1200 households. As Jìn had repeatedly had achievements, divided out five hundred households, to give fief on one son as a ranked Marquis. Jìn was promoted to Right General. Jiàn’ān Twenty-third Year [218] he died, posthumous name Wēi-hóu “Powerful Marquis.” His son Chēn succeeded.


Chēn was resolute and firm and had his father’s manner, office reaching Yáng Province Inspector. When Zhūgě Dàn rebelled, he surprise attacked and killed Chēn, Imperial Order lamented and mourned this, posthumously titling him Minister of the Guard, posthumous name Mǐn-hóu “Martyred Marquis.” His son Zhào succeeded.


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