(39.6) Lǚ Yì 呂乂 [Jìyáng 季陽]

Lǚ Yì appellation Jìyáng was a Nányáng man. His father Cháng, sent off former office Liú Yān to enter Shǔ, it happened that roads were cut off and blocked, and therefore he could not return. Yì when young was orphaned, and enjoyed reading books and playing zither. Previously, Xiānzhǔ [Liú Bèi] settled Yì Province, installed a Salt Office Colonel, to organize the profits and salt and iron, and later the Colonel Wáng Lián invited Yì and Nányáng’s Dù Qí, Nánxiāng’s Liú Gàn, and others together to be Managing Department Commandants. Yì was promoted to Xīndū and Miánzhú Magistrate, devoted his heart to sympathy, the common people praised him, and his was the top of the whole province’s various cities. He was promoted to Bāxī Administrator.


Chancellor Zhūgě Liàng for repeated years sent out the army, requisitioning from the various prefectures, and most did not assist each other. Yì recruited and obtained soldiers of five thousand men to send to [Zhūgě] Liàng, was comforting and encouraging in regulations, and none deserted. He was transferred to Hānzhōng Administrator, simultaneously supervising agriculture, and provided and transported military provisions. [Zhūgě] Liàng died, and he was successively moved to Guǎnghàn and Shǔjùn Administrator. Shǔ prefecture was the vital capital, its population very many, and also after [Zhūgě] Liàng died, soldiers deserted into exile, covering up for each other, and treacherous opportunism was not uncommon. Yì arrived in office, for it made preventions and prohibitions, encouraged and urged, and within several years, the deserters that themselves came out were over ten thousand.


Later he entered as Secretariat, succeeded Dǒng Yǔn as Secretariat Director, of the multitude of matters none were neglected, the doors without stopped guests. Yì successively held office inside and outside, cultivated himself with frugality, modest and tranquil with few words, for the government simplified and did not complicate, and he was called pure and able; however in maintaining law he was harsh and deep, he enjoyed using literary coarse officials, and therefore he occupied great office, but his reputation decreased in the prefectures and counties. Yánxī Fourteenth Year [251] he died. His son Chén, during Jǐngyào [258-263] became Chéngdū Magistrate. Chén’s younger brother Yǎ, was a Visitor. Yǎ was pure and strict and had literary talent, writing Gélùn in fifteen piān.


Dù Qí successively served as prefecture administrator, Supervisor of the Army, and General-in-Chief’s Major, Liú Gàn’s office reached Bāxī Administrator, both were with Yì close and friendly, and also were in that time praised, but their frugality and adherence to law, did not match Yì.


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