(55.5) Zhōu Tài 周泰 [Yòupíng 幼平]

Zhōu Tài appellation Yòupíng was a Jiǔjiāng Xiàcài man. He with Jiǎng Qīn accompanied Sūn Cè as attendants, in attending to matters were respectful, and repeatedly in battle had achievements. [Sūn] Cè entered Kuàijī, installed him as Separate Division Major, giving troops. [Sūn] Quán favored his conduct as a man, and requested him for himself. [Sūn] Cè suppressed six counties’ mountain bandits, [Sūn] Quán stationed at Xuānchéng, employing soldiers for personal guard, not reaching a thousand men, his thoughts yet were negligent, and he did not repair defense gaps, and mountain bandits of several thousand men arrived. [Sūn] Quán at first was able to mount horse, but the bandit front had already reached his attendants, and one chopped and hit his horse saddle, and in the army none were able to control themselves. Only Tài exerted himself ferociously, throwing his body in to protect [Sūn] Quán, guts and spirit multifold of men, and the attendants because of Tài organized and were able to battle, and the bandits then scattered. His body was wounded twelve times, and after a long time he then revived. On that day if not for Tài, [Sūn] Quán almost was in grave danger. [Sūn] Cè deeply valued him, and had him fill vacancy as Chūngǔ Chief. Later he followed in attacking Huán, and suppressing Jiāngxià, returned and passed Yùzhāng, again filled vacancy as Yíchūn Chief, and wherever he was all supplied his campaigns.


He followed in suppressing Huáng Zǔ and had achievement. Later he with Zhōu Yú and Chéng Pǔ resisted Excellency Cáo at Chìbì, and attacked Cáo Rén at Nán prefecture. Jīng province was pacified and settled, and he commanded troops to garrison Cén.


Excellency Cáo set out against Rúxū, Tài again went to strike, Excellency Cáo retreated, and he remained as Commander of Rúxū, appointed Pacifying Caitiffs General. At the time Zhū Rán, Xú Shèng and others all had their divisions, and all would not submit [to Zhōu Tài]. [Sūn] Quán specially went on inspection and reached Rúxū docks, and therefore had a meeting with the various officers, greatly drinking and making merry. [Sūn] Quán personally delivered alcohol in front of Tài, and ordered Tài to remove his robes, [Sūn] Quán with his hand personally pointed to his wound scars, asking how it occurred. Tài at once reported the past battles to answer, finished, and put back on his clothing, and they reveled to the end of night. The next day, sent envoy to award him with carriage canopy. (1) Therefore [Xú] Shèng and the rest then submitted.


  • (1) Jiāngbiǎozhàn states: [Sūn] Quán grasped his arm, and therefore weeping embraced him, saying to him: “Yòupíng, you for me and my brothers battled like a bear and tiger, not begrudging your body and life, you were wounded over ten times, your skin like a carved picture, how can I not treat you with the kindness due bone and flesh kin, and entrust you with the responsibility of troops and horses? You are Wú’s accomplished subject, I with you share glory and disgrace, in rest and grief. Yòupíng be pleased with this, do not for your poor background yourself withdraw.” He then ordered that his own used carriage covering of blue-green silk canopy be bestowed on him. The seated were dismissed, preparing the carriage, he had Tài with troops and horses escort in setting out, blowing and drumming the drums and horns.

〔一〕 江表傳曰:權把其臂,因流涕交連,字之曰:「幼平,卿為孤兄弟戰如熊虎,不惜軀命,被創數十,膚如刻畫,孤亦何心不待卿以骨肉之恩,委卿以兵馬之重乎!卿吳之功臣,孤當與卿同榮辱,等休戚。幼平意快為之,勿以寒門自退也。」即敕以己常所用御幘青縑蓋賜之。坐罷,住駕,使泰以兵馬導從出,鳴鼓角作鼓吹。

Later [Sūn] Quán defeated Guān Yǔ, wished to advance to plan against Shǔ, and appointed Tài as Hànzhōng Administrator, Exerting Authority General, fief as Língyáng Marquis. During Huángwǔ [222-228] he died.


His son Shào as Cavalry Commandant managed troops. When Cáo Rén set out against Rúxū, in battle he had achievement, and also followed in attacking and defeating Cáo Xiū, was advanced in rank to Supporting General, Huánglóng Second Year [230] he died. His younger brother Chéng commanded his troops and inherited his marquisate.


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