June 13

Gēngwǔ [220 June 13], General-in-Chief Xiàhóu Dūn died.

Wèi shū states: The King wore mourning clothes and visited Yè’s east city gate to lead mourning. Sūn Shèng states: By the Rites, Heaven’s son weeps for those of the same surname outside the clan temple gates. To weep at the city gate, was incorrect position.

From Sān Guó zhì, Wén dì jì


〔二〕 魏書曰:王素服幸鄴東城門發哀。孫盛曰:在禮,天子哭同姓於宗廟門之外。哭於城門,失其所也。

The Other Branch of the Imperial Clan, Part I available now.

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