(7.3) Appraisal [of Lǚ Bù 呂布 and Zāng Hóng 臧洪]

Appraisal states:

Lǚ Bù had a roaring tiger’s valor, but was without exceptional or unusual strategy, recklessly sly over and over, only profit in his sight. Since antiquity to now, there has never been one like this who was not destroyed.

In the past Hàn Guāng-Wǔ was deceived by Páng Méng, more recently Wèi Tàizǔ also was deceived by Zhāng Miǎo. ‘To know men is wisdom, even Emperors find it difficult,” believable!

Chén Dēng and Zāng Hóng both had imposing aura and strong integrity, Dēng in his allotted years early perished, his achievement and enterprise not yet fulfilled, Hóng as his troops were weak and the enemy strong, his ardent ambition was not established, a pity!


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