(51.4) Sūn Huàn 孫奐 [Jìmíng 季明]

Sūn Huàn appellation Jìmíng. When his older brother [Sūn] Jiǎo died, he succeeded command of his army, as Raising Martial Internal Cadet General and designate Jiāngxià Administrator. He served for one year, honoring [Sūn] Jiǎo old legacies, with courtesy to Liú Jìng, Lǐ Yǔn, Wú Shuò, Zhāng Liáng and Jiāngxià’s Lǘ Jǔ and others, and all accepted his friendship. Huàn was inarticulate in disposition but quick in serving in office, the army and people praised him.


Huángwǔ Fifth Year [226], [Sūn] Quán attacked Shíyáng, Huàn as the land’s master, sending his division General Xiānyú Dān to lead five thousand men to first cut off the Huái route, personally leading Wú Shuò and Zhāng Liáng with five thousand men to be the army’s front line, forcing surrender of Gāochéng, obtaining three officers. The main army was led back, [Sūn] Quán had Imperial Order sending him to go at the front, the carriage passed his army, saw that Huàn’s army lines were orderly, and [Sūn] Quán sighed and said: “Previously I worried he would be slow, now in commanding an army, of the various officers few can match him, I have no worries.” He was appointed Raising Authority General, fief as Marquis of Shāxiàn. Wú Shuò and Zhāng Liáng both were Supporting Generals, bestowed noble rank as Marqius Within the Passes. (1)


  • (1) Jiāngbiǎozhuàn states: Previously [Sūn] Quán was at Wǔchāng, wished to return the capital to Jiànyè, but worried the water route flowed for two thousand lǐ, if in one morning there was alarm, positions could not rescue each other, and because of this he harbored doubts. Reaching Xiàkǒu, within the docks he held a great gathering with the hundred officials to discuss it, Imperial Order said: “The various officers and officials do not need to restrain to their respective positions, if anyone has a plan, for the state explain it.” Of the various officers some explained they should establish fortifications at Xiàkǒu, some said they should again establish iron locks, [Sūn] Quán all believed they were wrong plans. At the time [Zhāng] Liáng was a lesser officer, not yet with reputation, and then left his seat and advanced to say: “I your servant have heard fragrant bait draws out a spring’s fish, heavy wealth purchases warriors, now it is appropriate to clearly cultivate faith of reward and punishment, send officers to enter the Miǎn, with the enemy strive for benefit, and when circumstances are successful, they will not dare act. Employ at Wǔchāng elite troops of ten thousand men, entrust a wise planner with appointment as officer, to always maintain strict orderliness. If in one morning there is alarm, answer report to attend to it. Build Gānshuǐ city wall, light warships of several thousand, where it should be used, all to employ preparations. If like this opening gate to invite the enemy, the enemy themselves will not come.” [Sūn] Quán believed [Zhāng] Liáng’s plan was the best, and increased [Zhāng] Liáng’s position. Later gradually for achievement he was advanced to Miǎnzhōng Commander.

〔一〕 江表傳曰:初權在武昌,欲還都建業,而慮水道泝流二千里,一旦有警,不相赴及,以此懷疑。及至夏口,於塢中大會百官議之,詔曰:「諸將吏勿拘位任,其有計者,為國言之。」諸將或陳宜立柵柵夏口,或言宜重設鐵鎖者,權皆以為非計。時梁為小將,未有知名,乃越席而進曰:「臣聞香餌引泉魚,重幣購勇士 ,今宜明樹賞罰之信,遣將入沔,與敵爭利,形勢既成,彼不敢干也。使武昌有精兵萬人,付智略者任將,常使嚴整。一旦有警,應聲相赴。作甘水城,輕艦數千,諸所宜用,皆使備具。如此開門延敵,敵自不來矣。」權以梁計為最得,即超增梁位。後稍以功進至沔中督。

Huàn also loved classicist scholars, and again ordered his bodyguard retainers’ junior relatives to study, and later those that served as officials and advanced to the Court were several tens of men. Aged forty, Jiāhé Third Year [234] he died. His son Chéng succeeded, as Shining Warfare Internal Cadet General succeeding command of the troops, governing the prefecture. Chìwū Sixth Year [243] he died, no sons, fief given on Chéng’s younger half-brother Yī to serve as Huàn’s successor, inheriting enterprise as officer. When Sūn Jùn executed Zhūgě Kè, Yī with Quán Xī, Shī Jì attacked Kè’s younger brother Gōng’ān Commander [Zhūgě] Róng, and Róng killed himself. Yī from Defending South [General] was promoted to Defending the Army [General], Acting Staff of Authority as Commander of Xiàkǒu. When Sūn Chēn executed Téng Yìn and Lǚ Jù, [Lǚ] Jù and [Téng] Yìn both were Yī’s younger sisters’ husbands. Yī’s younger brother Fēng also knew of [Téng] Yìn and [Lǚ] Jù’s plot, and killed himself. [Sūn] Chēn sent Zhū Yì to secretly attack Yī. [Zhū] Yì reached Wǔchāng, Yī knew he was there to attack him, and led his bodyguard retainers of over a thousand people and taking [Téng] Yìn’s wife fled to Wèi. Wèi appointed Yī as Chariots and Cavalry General, Rites Equal to the Three Excellencies, fief as Marquis of Wú, with former ruler [Cáo] Fāng’s noble lady Xíng given as wife to him. Xíng was beautiful and jealous, her subordinates could not bear her commands, and therefore together killed Yī and lady Xíng. Yī entered Wèi for three years and died.


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