(13.6) Appraisal [of Zhōng Yáo 鍾繇, Huà Xīn 華歆, Wáng Lǎng 王朗, Lǎng’s son Sù 肅]

Appraisal states:

Zhōng Yáo was magnanimous and competent, Huà Xīn was pure in virtue and character, Wáng Lǎng was extensively cultured and gifted, truly all were that time’s eminent greats. The Wèi dynasty was newly established, began by ascending these Three Excellencies, how glorious!

Wáng Sù was upright and knew much, able to chop firewood! [translator’s note: idiom for being able to carry on his father’s work] (1)


  • (1) Liú Shí believes: Sù was fair in serving superiors but enjoyed subordinates flattering him, this was the first paradox. His character was fond of the glorious and noble but he sought illicit relations, this was the second paradox. He was miserly with property but governed himself without disgrace, this was the third paradox.

〔一〕 劉寔以為肅方於事上而好下佞己,此一反也。性嗜榮貴而不求苟合,此二反也。吝惜財物而治身不穢,此三反也。

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