(57.7) Zhū Jù 朱據 [Zǐjù 子據]

Zhū Jù appellation Zǐjù was a Wújùn Wú man. He had beautiful appearance and bodily strength, and also had ability in debate and criticism. At Huángwǔ’s beginning [222], he was summoned and appointed Five Office Cadet Internal, filling vacancy as Attendant Censor. At the time Selections Department Secretariat Jì Yàn, hated corruption in positions, and wished to thoroughly remove them. Jù believed: “The realm Under Heaven is not yet settled, and it was appropriate to use achievement to cover faults, discard flaws to seek use, and raising the pure to be strict to the impure, is sufficient to stop and persuade. If they are for all time diminished and dismissed, one fears there will be later misfortune.” Yàn did not listen, and in the end failed.


[Sūn] Quán considered his officers and soldiers, and let out indignant sigh, recalling Lǚ Méng and Zhāng Wēn, believed Jù had talent in both civil and military, and could succeed them, and therefore appointed him Establishing Righteousness Colonel, commanding troops to garrison Húshú. Huánglóng Inaugural Year [229], [Sūn] Quán moved capital to Jiànyè, summoned Jù and bestowed him with princess, appointed Left General, fief as Yúnyáng Marquis. He was modest in receiving scholars, thought little of wealth and enjoyed giving, so his salary and bestowments though abundant yet were not enough to use.


During Jiāhé [232-238], first cast large coins, one worth five hundred. Later Jù’s guard retainers should have received thirty thousand cords, the laborer Wáng Suì swindled and received it, the examiner Lǚ Yī suspected Jù had in fact taken it, interrogated the officer, who died under the cane, Jù mourned at his lack of guilt, and with generous coffin collected him. [Lǚ] Yī also memorialized the official had for Jù concealed, and therefore had been generously given coffin. [Sūn] Quán repeatedly reproached and asked Jù, Jù had nothing to explain himself, and on mat straw waited for punishment. After several moons, Managing Army official Liú Zhù became aware, reported Wáng Suì had taken it, [Sūn] Quán was greatly moved and aware, and said: “Zhū Jù met with injustice, all the more the officials and people?” Therefore he thoroughly punished Yī’s crime, bestowed assistance in the millions.


Chìwū Ninth Year [246], he was promoted to Elite Cavalry General. He encountered the Two Palaces competing and contending, Jù supported the Heir-Apparent, his words then earnestly arrived, righteousness showed on his expression, holding to it to the death, (1) and therefore was demoted to Xīndū prefecture Deputy. He had not yet arrived, Internal Documents Director Sūn Hóng slandered Jù, and because [Sūn] Quán was lying ill, [Sūn] Hóng for him made Imperial Order letter to pursue and bestow death [order suicide], at the time aged fifty-seven years. In Sūn Liàng’s time, his two sons Xióng and Sǔn each again commanded troops, were by Princess Quán slandered, and all died. During Yǒng’ān [258-264], in memorial of previous achievements, Xióng’s son Xuān inherited noble rank as Marquis of Yúnyáng, bestowed with a princess. In Sūn Hào’s time, Xuān reached Elite Cavalry General.


  • (1) Yīn Jī’s Tōngyǔ records Jù’s debate that states: “I your servant have heard the Heir-Apparent is the state’s foundational root, elegant nature benevolent and filial, the realm Under Heaven submits heart, now to in the end reproach him, there will be the whole court in anxiety. In the past Jìn [Duke] Xiàn used Consort Lí and [Heir-Apparent] Shēn Shēng did not survive, Hàn [Emperor] Wǔ trusted Jiāng Chōng and Heir-Apparent Lì was persecuted to death. I your servant humbly fear the Heir-Apparent cannot bear these worries, and though one thinks of the son’s palace, there is nothing that can restore it.”

〔一〕 殷基通語載據爭曰:「臣聞太子國之本根,雅性仁孝,天下歸心,今卒責之,將有一朝之慮。昔晉獻用驪姬而申生不存,漢武信江充而戾太子冤死。臣竊懼太子不堪其憂,雖立思子之宮,無所復及矣。」

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