(55.10) Xú Shèng 徐盛 [Wénxiàng 文嚮]

Xú Shèng appellation Wénxiàng was a Lángyé Jǔ man. Encountering chaos, he took refuge in Wú, for valorous spirit was famed. Sūn Quán presided affairs, and appointed him a Separate Division Major, awarding troops of five hundred men, observing Cháisāng Chief, resisting Huáng Zǔ. [Huáng] Zǔ’s son Shè once led several thousand men down to attack Shèng, Shèng at the time’s officials and troops were not even two hundred, with them mutually resisted and struck, wounding [Huáng] Shè’s officials and soldiers of over a thousand men. Then he therefore opened the gates and went out to battle, and greatly defeated them. [Huáng] Shè therefore cut off and no longer plundered. [Sūn] Quán appointed him a Colonel, Wúhú Magistrate. Again he suppressed Línchéng Nán’ē mountain bandits and had achievements, transferred to Internal Cadet General, commanding battlefield troops.


Excellency Cáo set out against Rúxū, followed [Sūn] Quán in resisting them. Wèi once greatly set out against Héngjiāng, Shèng with the various officers all went to suppress. At the time he rode covered charger, encountered fast winds, the boat fell onto the enemy bank’s bottom, the various officers were afraid, and none had yet gone out. Shèng alone led troops, went up to charge and chop the enemy, the enemy split and retreated and fled, there were injured and killed, the wind stopped and he then returned, and [Sūn] Quán greatly praised him.


When [Sūn] Quán to Wèi declared [himself] vassal, Wèi sent Xíng Zhēn to appoint [Sūn] Quán as King of Wú. [Sūn] Quán went out the capital precinct to wait for [Xíng] Zhēn, [Xíng] Zhēn had arrogant appearance, Zhāng Zhāo was furious, and Shèng was angry and indignant, looking back to say to those he was lined up with: “We Shèng and the rest cannot exert ourselves to set out command, to for the country absorb Xǔ and Luò, swallow Bā and Shǔ, and instead have our lord with [Xíng] Zhēn swear alliance, is not also a disgrace?” Therefore he shed tears overflowing. [Xíng] Zhēn heard this, and said to his followers: “The Jiāng’s east’s officers and ministers like this, will not long remain subordinates of another.”


Later promoted Establishing Warfare General, enfeoffed a capital precinct Marquis, designate Lùjiāng Administrator, bestowed Línchéng county as a supporting village. Liú Bèi went to Xīlíng, Shèng attacked and captured his various camps, wherever he headed he had achievements. Cáo Xiū set out against Dōngkǒu, Shèng with Lǚ Fàn and Quán Cóng crossed the Jiāng to resist and defend. Encountering great wind, of boats and people many were lost, Shèng gathered remaining troops, with [Cáo] Xiū sandwiching the Jiāng. [Cáo] Xiū sent troops to take boats to attack Shèng, Shèng with a few resisted many, the enemy could not overcome, and each led the army to withdraw. Promoted Securing East General, enfeoffed Wúhú Marquis.


Later Wèi Wén-dì greatly set out, having intention to cross the Jiāng, Shèng established plan to from Jiànyè build encirclement, make light floaters, on the encirclement’s top arrange fake towers, in the Jiāng float boats. The various officers believed it was without benefit, Shèng did not listen, and forcefully established them. Wén-dì arrived at Guǎnglíng, observed the encirclement and was amazed, spreading out several hundred lǐ, and the Jiāng’s waters were flourishing and long, and so led the army to withdraw. The various officers then submitted. (1)


  • (1) What Gān Bǎo’s Jìn jì called “suspicious fortress,” it is already annotated in Sūn Quán’s biography.
  • Wèishì Chūnqiū states: Wén-dì sighed and said: “Though Wèi has martial cavalry of a thousand squads, it is no use.”

〔一〕 干寶晉紀所云疑城,已注孫權傳。魏氏春秋云:文帝歎曰:「魏雖有武騎千群,無所用也。」

During Huángwǔ [222-228] he died. Son Kǎi inherited noble rank and command of troops.


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