(14.7) Appraisal [of Chéng 程, Guō 郭, Dǒng 董, Liú 劉, Jiǎng 蔣, Liú 劉]

Appraisal states:

Chéng Yù, Guō Jiā, Dǒng Zhāo, Liú Yè, Jiǎng Jì were talented in strategies, the age’s unusual servicemen, though in pure cultivation and virtuous enterprise they were different from Xún Yōu, yet in preparing and planning in expectation, they were of his order.

Liú Fàng was cultured in writing, Sūn Zī diligent and cautious, both acting as throat and tongue, their authority famed in their time, elegant and bright but not substantial, and therefore the sound of mockery and flattery, always surpassed the truth.


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