(53.6) Appraisal [of Zhāng 張, Yán 嚴, Chéng 程, Kàn 闞, Xuē 薛]

Appraisal states:

Zhāng Hóng was coherent in writing and upright in thought, the age’s exceptional talent, Sūn Cè treating him second only to Zhāng Zhāo, truly was appropriate.

Sirs Yán, Chéng, Kàn were the time’s forest of classicists. For [Yán] Jùn to with words of honor rescue an old friend, was he not also exceptional?

Xuē Zōng was widely learned and his plans accepted, and was Wú’s excellent minister. When [Xuē] Yíng followed after, he indeed had his predecessor’s air, however in a cruel and ruthless court, he repeatedly ascended to prominent position, a gentleman would be confused by this.


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