(50.3) Lady Xú 吳主權徐夫人

father Xú Kūn 徐琨, elder brother Jiǎo 矯, younger brother Zuò 祚

Wú-zhǔ [Sūn] Quán’s lady Xú was a Wú-jūn Fùchūn woman. Her grandfather [Xú] Zhēn with [Sūn] Quán’s father [Sūn] Jīn were close with one another, [Sūn] Jiān had his younger sister be wife to [Xú] Zhēn, begetting [Xú] Kūn. Kūn when young served in the province and prefecture, at Hàn’s end there was disturbance and chaos, he left office, followed [Sūn] Jiān on campaign and had achievements, appointed Side General. [Sūn] Jiān died, he followed Sūn Cè in suppressing Fán Néng, Yú Mí and others at Héngjiāng, striking Zhāng Yīng at Dānglìkǒu, but boats were few, and he wished to halt the army and seek more. [Xú] Kūn’s mother at the time was in the army, and said to [Xú] Kūn: “One fears the provincial forces will greatly mobilize the navy to come oppose us, then it will be unsuccessful, how can you halt? It is appropriate to cut reeds to make rafts, to help the boats in crossing the army. (1) [Xú] Kūn completely informed [Sūn] Cè, [Sūn] Cè at once enacted it, the forces all crossed, and therefore defeated [Zhāng] Yīng, striking and driving away Zé Róng, Liú Yáo, and the matter was settled. [Sūn] Cè memorialized [Xú] Kūn as designate Dānyáng Administrator. It happened Wú Jǐng left Guǎnglíng to come east, and again became Dānyáng Administrator, (2) [Xú] Kūn as commander of the army internal cadet general managed troops, followed in defeated Lújiāng Administrator Lǐ Shù, enfeoffed Guǎngdé Marquis, promoted Pacifying Caitiffs General. Later he followed in suppressing Huáng Zǔ, was struck by an arrow and died.


  • (1) Fū pronounced Fū. Guō Pú’s annotation to Fāngyán states: “Fū is a raft in the water.”

  〔一〕 泭音敷。郭璞注方言曰:「泭,水中〈竹渒〉也。」

  • (2) Jiāngbiǎo zhuàn states: Previously, Yuán Shù sent his younger cousin [Yuán] Yìn to be Dānyáng, [Sūn] Cè ordered [Xú] Kūn to suppress and replace him. It happened [Wú] Jǐng returned, and as [Wú] Jǐng had formerly been in Dānyáng, his generous benevolence obtained the masses, he was missed by the officials and people, while [Xú] Kūn’s at hand troops were many, and [Sūn] Cè disliked him being too important, and moreover he was about to go on campaign, and it was suitable to obtain [Xú] Kūn’s forces, and he so again employed [Wú] Jǐng, summoning [Xú] Kūn back to Wú.

  〔二〕 江表傳曰:初,袁術遣從弟胤為丹楊,策令琨討而代之。會景還,以景前在(仕)丹楊,寬仁得眾,吏民所思,而琨手下兵多,策嫌其太重,且方攻伐,宜得琨眾,乃復用景,召琨還吳。

[Xú] Kūn begat the lady, previously she was matched with the same prefecture’s Lù Shàng, [Lù] Shàng died, [Sūn] Quán became Suppressing Caitiffs General and was in Wú, and took her as a consort, sending her to be mother to raise [Sūn] Dēng. Later [Sūn] Quán moved, and as the lady was jealous, she was abandoned to stay in Wú. AFter over ten years, [Sūn] Quán became King of Wú and then took Honored Title, [Sūn] Dēng became Heir-Apparent, the various ministers requested he enthrone the lady as empress, [Sūn] Quán’s intentions were with lady Bù, and in the end did not agree. Later due to illness she died.

Her elder brother [Xú] Jiǎo succeeded his father [Xú] Kūn’s marquisate, suppressed and pacified Shānyuè, appointed Side General, before the lady died, without sons. His younger brother [Xú] Zuò inherited the fief, also due to battlefield achievements reached Wúhú Commander, Pacifying Wèi General.


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