(38.7) Appraisals [of Xǔ 許, Mí 麋, Sūn 孫, Jiǎn 簡, Yī 伊, Qín 秦]

Appraisal states: Xǔ Jìng early had fame and acclaim, both was for his honesty and generosity praised, and also was mindful of people, though his behavior and actions were not always proper, Jiǎng Jì believed he was “Great compared to the Imperial Court’s vessels.” (1) Mí Zhú, Sūn Qián, Jiǎn Yōng, Yī Jí, all were graceful in manner and commentary, met with respect in the era. Qín Mì initially admired the highness of withdrawal and seclusion, but was could not feign foolishness [to become obscure]. However in replying [in debates] he had abundance, his literary elegance was magnificent, and he can be said to be the whole time’s talented servicemen.


  • (1) [Jiǎng Jì’s] Wànjīlùn discussed Xǔ Zǐjiāng stating: Xǔ Wénxiū is great compared to the Imperial Court vessels, but [Xǔ] Xǐjiāng disparaged him. If he in fact did not honor him, it would be to not be enlightened; if he truly was aware of it, it would be to hide a good man.

  〔一〕 萬機論論許子將曰:許文休者,大較廊廟器也,而子將貶之。若實不貴之,是不明也;誠令知之,蓋善人也。

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