(63.2) Liú Dūn 劉惇 [Zǐrén子仁]

Liú Dūn, appellation Zǐrén, was a Píngyuán man. When the chaos began he fled his land, and became a wandering guest at Lúlíng, serving Sūn Fǔ. As he was good at astrology and divination he became well known in the southern lands. Every time there was flood or drought or banditry or rebellion, he all predicted them beforehand, and there was none that he did not predict correctly. [Sūn] Fǔ was impressed, and appointed him Master of the Army, and all in the army venerated him and attended on him, and called him Shénmíng [“the divine brilliance,” or “the supernatural”].


During Jiàn’ān [196-220], Sūn Quán was at Yùzhāng, and there was a change in the stars, and he asked [Liú] Dūn about this.

[Liú] Dūn said: “There is trouble in Dānyáng.”

[Sūn] Quán said: “What sort?”

[Liú Dūn] said: “A guest betrays his host. When that day comes you will hear of it.”

When Biān Hóng committed treason, the disaster [Biān Hóng’s assassination of the Administrator of Dānyáng and Sūn Quán’s younger brother Sūn Yì] was as [Liú] Dūn said.


Dūn was skilled in all divination methods, but was especially good with Tài-Yǐ[’s astrology], and could predict all affairs, in great detail for both important and minute. He composed a book of over a hundred volumes, and the famed Classicist Diāo Xuán called it very special. Dūn also loved protecting his art, and would not tell of it to others, so in later generations none could understand it.


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