(8.3) Zhāng Yáng 張楊 [Zhìshū 稚叔]

Zhāng Yáng, appellation Zhìshū, was a Yúnzhōng man. For his military valor in serving [the Inspector of] Bìngzhōu he was appointed Military Valor Advisor.


At the end of the reign of Líng-dì, the realm was disordered, and the Emperor appointed his favored Small Yellow Gate Attendant Jiǎn Shuò as Colonel of the Supreme Army of the West Garden, garrisoning the capital, and wishing to establish authority over the Four Corners he summoned all the leading heroes of the realm to serve as deputy officers. Tàizǔ and Yuán Shào and others were appointed Colonels and were subordinates to him. (1) Inspector of Bìngzhōu Dīng Yuán sent Yáng to lead troops to join Shuò, and was appointed as Brevet Major.


  • (1) Língdìjì states: Gentleman-General of the Internal Tiger Guard Yuán Shào was appointed Central Army Colonel. Camp Cavalry Colonel Bào Hóng was appointed Lower Army Colonel. Consultant Cáo Cāo was appointed Disciplinary Army Colonel, Zhào Róng and Féng Fāng were appointed Assistant Army Colonel, Xià Móu and Chúnyú Qióng were appointed Left and Right Colonels.

〔一〕 靈帝紀曰:以虎賁中郎將袁紹為中軍校尉,屯騎校尉鮑鴻為下軍校尉,議郎曹操為典軍校尉,趙融、馮芳為助軍校尉,夏牟、淳于瓊為左右校尉。

Líng-dì passed [189], and Shuò was killed by Hé Jìn. Yáng was sent back by Jìn to his home province to raise troops, recruited over a thousand men, and remained at Shàngdǎng to attack mountain bandits. Jìn was destroyed, and Dǒng Zhuó created chaos. Yáng therefore led his troops to attack the Administrator of Shàngdǎng at Húguān, was unsuccessful, and plundered the various counties, and his army grew to several thousand men.


East of the mountains troops rose to punish Zhuó. [190] Yuán Shào arrived at Hénèi. Yáng joined with Shào, and with the Xiōngnú Chányú Yūfūluó camped at Zhāngshuǐ. The Chányú wished to betray Shào, but Yáng would not follow him. The Chányú captured Yáng and brought him with him. Shào sent his officer Qū Yì to pursue and attack them south of Yè, and defeated them. The Chányú brought Yáng to Líyáng, and they attacked and defeated General Crossing the Liáo Gěng Zhǐ, and all the army trembled. Zhuó appointed Yáng as General Establishing Justice and Administrator of Hénèi.


When Heaven’s Son was at Hédōng [195], Yáng led troops there to Ānyì, and was appointed General Calming the State and given fief as Marquis of Jìnyáng. Yáng wished to invite Heaven’s Son to return to Luò[yáng], but the escorting officers would not listen, so Yáng returned to Yěwáng.


Jiàn’ān Inaugural Year [196] Yáng Fèng, Dǒng Chéng, and Hán Xiān escorted Heaven’s Son back to the former capital [Luòyáng], but their food supplies were exhausted. Yáng provided food supplies to invite them on the road, and so they arrived at Luòyáng. He said to the escorting officers: “Heaven’s Son should be with the people Under Heaven. Fortunately he has you ministers and great officials. I must go defend against outside troubles, so how can I remain here?” Therefore he returned to Yěwáng, and was appointed Marshal-in-Chief. (2)


  • (2) Yīngxióngjì states: Yáng by nature was benevolent and peaceful, and did not have authority through punishments. When his subordinates plotted rebellion and he discovered it, he wept to them, and then spared them.

〔二〕 英雄記曰:楊性仁和,無威刑。下人謀反,發覺,對之涕泣,輒原不問。

Yáng was friendly with Lǚ Bù. When Tàizǔ was besieging Lǚ Bù [198], Yáng wished to rescue him but could not, so he sent troops to Dōngshì to give support from afar. His officer Yáng Chǒu killed [Zhāng] Yáng to support Tàizǔ. Yáng’s officer Suī Gù killed Chǒu and took command of the army, wishing to go north to join Yuán Shào. Tàizǔ sent Shǐ Huàn to intercept them, and defeated them at Quǎnchéng, beheading Gù, and capturing his army. (3)


  • (3) Diǎnlüè states: Gù styled Báitù “White Hare.” When he killed Yáng Chǒu, he led the army to camp at Shèquǎn. At the time there was a shaman who warmed Gù: “General, you are styled Tù ‘hare’ while this city is called Quǎn ‘dog.’ When a hare meets a dog, it is bound to be in danger. You should quickly leave.” Gù did not listen to this, and so he was killed in battle.

〔三〕 典略曰:固字白兔,既殺楊醜,軍屯射犬。時有巫誡固曰:「將軍字兔而此邑名犬,兔見犬,其勢必驚,宜急移去。」固不從,遂戰死。

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