(36.4) Huáng Zhōng 黃忠 [Hànshēng 漢升]

Huáng Zhōng appellation Hànshēng was a Nányáng man. Governor of Jīngzhōu Liú Biǎo appointed him Internal Cadet-General, and with Biǎo’s nephew Pán together defended Yōu county in Chángshā. When Excellency Cáo overcame Jīngzhōu [208], he was brevet promoted to Acting Associate-General, remaining at his post as before, under the command of the Administrator of Chángshā Hán Xuán.


When Xiān-zhǔ [Liú Bèi] went south and pacified the prefectures, Zhōng sent hostages, and followed into Shǔ. From when [Liú Bèi] was appointed to Jiāméng and then returned to attack Liú Zhāng, Zhōng was always at the front line, and his valor was the greatest in the entire army. When Yìzhōu was settled, he was appointed General Punishing Caitiffs.


Jiàn’ān twenty-fourth year [219] he was at Hànzhōng at Dìngjūn mountain attacking Xiàhóu Yuān. Yuān’s army was very elite, but Zhōng pushed the vanguard forward and forced the advance, urging on the soldiers, the drums shook the heavens and the shouts moved the valley. In one battle they beheaded Yuān, and Yuān’s army was greatly defeated. He was promoted to General Attacking the West.


That year, Xiān-zhǔ became King of Hànzhōng, and wished to appoint Zhōng as General of the Rear. Zhūgě Liàng advised Xiān-zhǔ: “Zhōng’s renown cannot be compared to Guān [Yǔ] or Mǎ [Chāo]. Yet now you wish them to have the same rank. Mǎ [Chāo] and Zhāng [Fēi] were nearby and personally saw his achievement, and so can be convinced, but Guān [Yǔ] is far away and when he hears of this, I fear he will certainly be displeased. Is this not impossible?” Xiān-zhǔ said: “I will personally resolve it.” Therefore he was given equal rank with [Guān] Yǔ and the rest, and given fief as Marquis Within the Passes.


The next year [220] he died. His posthumous title was Gāng-hóu “Tough Marquis.” His son Xù died early, no descendants.


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