(42.8) Lǐ Zhuàn 李譔 [Qīnzhòng 欽仲]

Lǐ Zhuàn, appellation Qīnzhòng, was a Zǐtóng Fú man. His father Rén, appellation Déxián, along with Yǐn Mò of his fellow county together traveled to Jīngzhōu, and followed Sīmǎ Huī, Sòng Zhōng, and others to study. Zhuàn inherited his work, and also followed Mò in discussing doctrine, the Five Classics and the various Masters. There was nothing he did not read. He loved the arts, arithmetic, numerical divination, medicine, bow and crossbow shooting, mechanics, and in all these he was skilled. He began as a provincial Librarian Assistant and Clerk to the Director of the Secretariat.


Yánxī first year [238], Hòu-zhǔ established an Heir-Apparent, and appointed Zhuàn as his companion, promoted to aide. He was transferred to Internal Scattered Palace Official and Right Internal Gentlemen-General, while remaining as attendant to the Heir-Apparent. The Heir-Apparent favored his great knowledge, and was very pleased with him. However his actions were frivolous, and he liked to tease, so the people of the time did not take him seriously.


He annotated the [jīng], Shàngshū, Máo [edition] Shī, Sānlǐ, Zuǒshìzhuàn, Tàixuánzhǐguī, and in all these his standards followed Jiǎ and Mǎ and were different from Zhèng Xuán. With Wáng [Sù] their differences were not many, and often their views were the same.


During Jǐngyào [258-263] he died. At the time there was Chén Shù of Hànzhōng, styled Shēnbó, who was also of wide learning and knowledge, who composed a Shìwèn of seven volumes and Yìbù Qíjiù Zhuàn and Zhì, and reached office as Administrator of Sān-jùn.


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