(38.4) Jiǎn Yōng 簡雍 [Xiànhé 憲和]

Jiǎn Yōng appellation Xiànhé was a Zhuō-jùn man. From childhood he was old friends with Xiān-zhǔ [Liú Bèi] and accompanied on his travels. When Xiān-zhǔ arrived at Jīngzhōu, Yōng with Mí Zhú and Sūn Qián all became Advisor Palace-Gentleman, always served as his lobbyists, and went back and forth sent as envoys.


When Xiān-zhǔ entered Yìzhōu [211] Liú Zhāng met Yōng, and greatly favored him. Later when Xiān-zhǔ was besieging Chéngdū, he sent Yōng to persuade Zhāng [to surrender], and Zhāng thereupon with Yōng went out on the same carriage and left the city to surrender. Xiān-zhǔ appointed Yōng to General Manifesting Virtue.


He was leisurely and talkative, by nature simple and arrogant and uninhibited, and even when seated before Xiān-zhǔ he would stretch his legs and lie down, without a care of maintaining a dignified appearance, only caring about his own comfort. When he was with Zhūgě Liàng’s subordinates he would sit alone on one couch, and pillowing his head on his hands he would talk, and would not bow to anyone.


At the time of a drought there was a prohibition on alcohol, and brewers were punished. An official searching a family found the equipment for brewing, and commentators wished to punish them with the same penalties for brewing. Yōng and Xiān-zhǔ were once traveling together, and saw a man and women traveling together, and he said to Xiān-zhǔ: “As those people wish to commit adultery, why not arrest them?” Xiān-zhǔ said: “How do you know that?” Yōng said: “They have the tools for it, so they are the same as those wine brewers.” Xiān-zhǔ greatly laughed, and pardoned the brewers. Yōng‘s humor was all of this sort. (1)


  • (1) Some said: Yōng was originally surnamed Gěng. The people of Yōuzhōu pronounced Gěng as Jiǎn, so he followed the sound and changed it.

〔一〕 或曰:雍本姓耿,幽州人語謂耿為簡,遂隨音變之。


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