(51.7) Sūn Yì 孫翊 [Shūbì 叔弼]

Sūn Yì appellation Shūbì was [Sūn] Quán’s younger brother. He was stalwart and valiant and very ardent, resembling his elder brother [Sūn] Cè. Administrator Zhū Zhì nominated him as Filial and Incorrupt, and he was recruited to the office of the Excellency of Works. (1)


  • (1) Diǎnüè states: Yì was named Yǎn, and by nature he resembled Cè. When Cè was near death, Zhāng Zhāo and the rest asked [Sūn] Cè to entrust military affairs to Yǎn, but Cè summoned [Sūn] Quán and tied the ribbons and seals of office to his belt.

〔一〕 典略曰:翊名儼,性似策。策臨卒,張昭等謂策當以兵屬儼,而策呼權,佩以印綬。

Jiàn’ān eighth year [203] he was appointed Assistant-General and Administrator of Dānyáng. At the time he was aged twenty years. Later he was killed by his attendant Biān Hóng, and Hóng was also immediately executed. (2)


  • (2) Wúlì records Yì’s wife Xú’s integrity and actions, and should be discussed with the matter of Guī Lǎn and the others, and so it is placed below in the biography of Sūn Sháo. [SGZ 51]

〔二〕 吳歷載翊妻徐節行,宜與媯覽等事相次,故列於後孫韶傳中。

His son Sōng was appointed Colonel Shooting at Sound and Marquis of Dūxiāng. (1)


  • (1) Wúlù states: Sōng enjoyed being sociable with people, and was generous with money and giving gifts. While defending Bāqiū, he frequently consulted Lù Xùn on his merits and faults. Once he had a small mistake, and Xùn to his face reprimanded Sōng, and Sōng colored out of unease. Xùn saw this and to slightly relive the tension said: “You sir in the past would not accept my low standards and frequently visited me, and so I speak my thoughts to the utmost. Why change color?” Sōng laughed and said: “I also hate my mistake, so how can I feel resentment?”

〔一〕 吳錄曰:松善與人交,輕財好施。鎮巴丘,數咨陸遜以得失。嘗有小過,遜面責松,松意色不平,遜觀其少釋,謂曰:「君過聽不以某鄙,數見訪及,是以承來意進盡言,便變色,何也?」松笑曰:「屬亦自忿行事有此,豈有望邪!」

Huánglóng third year [231] he died.

Shǔ Chancellor Zhūgě Liàng wrote to his elder brother Jǐn: “You have received the Eastern Court’s generous favor, which extends to your younger relatives. Further, my adopted son Qiáo was greatly talented, and I greatly mourn for him. Whenever I see what he gave to me, I am moved to tears.” The mourning for Sōng was like this, and so Liàng’s adopted son Qiáo was mentioned as a comparison.


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