(50.4) Lady Bù 吳主權步夫人

The Ruler of Wú [Sūn] Quán’s lady Bù was a Línhuái Huáiyīn woman, and with Chancellor [Bù] Zhì was of the same clan. At Hàn’s end, her mother carried her and was about to relocate to Lújiāng, when Lújiāng was by Sūn Cè captured, and all were moved east across the Jiāng. For her beauty she was obtained by [Sūn] Quán, favored the most in the Rear Courtyard [harem].


She bore two daughters. The elder was called [Sūn] Lǔbān, appellation Dàhǔ [“Big Tiger”], formerly wed to Zhōu Yú’s son [Zhōu] Xún, later wed to Quán Cóng. The younger was called Lǔyù, appellation Xiǎohǔ [“Little Tiger”], formerly wed to Zhū Jù, later wed to Liú Zuǎn. (1)


  • (1) Wúlì states: [Liú] Zuǎn first wed [Sūn] Quán’s middle daughter, who died young, and therefore he also had [Sūn Lǔyù] Xiǎohǔ as next wife.

〔一〕 吳歷曰:纂先尚權中女,早卒,故又以小虎為繼室。

The lady by nature was not jealous, frequently made recommendations, and therefore for a long time met with favorable treatment. When [Sūn] Quán became King and then Emperor, his intention was to have her as Empress, but the various minister’s suggestions were with lady Xú. [Sūn] Quán followed those that disagreed for over ten years, but in the Palace all called her Empress, and relatives sending up memorials called her Central Palace.


When she died, the ministers followed [Sūn] Quán’s directions, and asked to posthumously give her proper title [as Empress], and therefore she was bestowed with Seal and Ribbon, the tally memorial said: “On Chìwū Inaugural Year Intercalary Moon Wùzǐ [238 Nov 24], the Emperor states: Alas Empress, only the Empress assists the Mandate, together carrying on Heaven and Earth. Reverent and respectful morning to night, sharing my labors. Inside you educated and cultivated good order, righteous without fault, tolerant and compassionate, with warm and admirable virtue. The people and ministers all looked to you, far and near submitted their hearts. I because the world’s troubles are not yet eliminated, great unification not yet complete, followed the Empress’s elegant will, every time accepting your modest decline [of title]. Therefore at the time you did not yet receive title, and also [I was] certain that the Empress’s remaining years would be long, to long at my side answer and raise up Heaven’s goodness. Unaware and suddenly overlooked, the Great Mandate suddenly stopped. I regret my original intention was not earlier made known, am wounded by the Empress’s death, to not end with Heaven’s Blessings. My grief and mourning are utmost, pained to lose heart. Now I send as Envoy Wielding Staff the Chancellor and Marquis of Lǐlíng [Gù] Yōng, to present tally bestowing title, with matching sacrifices to the late Empress. If the soul yet has spirit, may it be pleased by this favor and glory. Alas such grief!”


She was buried at Jiǎnglíng.


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