(42.6) Lái Mǐn 來敏 [Jìngdá 敬達]

Lái Mǐn appellation Jìngdá was a Yìyáng Xīnyě man, Lái Shè’s descendant. His father [Lái] Yàn was a Hàn Excellency of Works. (1) Hàn’s end was great chaos, and Mǐn with his elder sister fled to Jīng Province, his elder sister’s husband Huáng Wǎn was Liú Zhāng’s father’s mother’s nephew, and therefore [Liú] Zhāng sent invitation to [Huáng] Wǎn’s wife, and Mǐn therefore together with his elder sister entered Shǔ, and always was [Liú] Zhāng’s guest retainer. He skimmed through books and registers, was good with the Zuǒshì Chūnqiū, was especially elite with the Cāng and Yǎ interpretations, and enjoyed correcting written characters.


Xiānzhǔ settled Yì Province, and installed Mǐn as Managing Scholarship Colonel, and at the installing of the Heir-Apparent, he was appointed [Heir-Apprent’s] Household Director. When Hòuzhǔ [Liú Shàn] ascended, he became Tiger Elite Internal Cadet General. Chancellor [Zhūgě] Liàng stationed at Hànzhōng, and invited him As Army Libationer and Assisting Army General, but in connection to a matter he was dismissed from office. (2)


After [Zhūgě] Liàng died, he returned to Chéngdū as Chief Ever Autumn, was also dismissed, later gradually promoted to Merit Grandee, again in connection to an offense was expelled. From beginning to end he repeatedly was censured and removed, all because his language was not regulated, and his actions violated standards. At the time Mèng Guāng also held critical position but was inattentive, discussing the times, but yet was better than Mǐn, and both because they were venerable elders and scholars met with courtesy in their time. But Mǐn was of a Jīng-Chǔ famous clan, the Eastern Palace’s old minister, and was specially added exceptional treatment, and therefore when ousted was again raised up. Later Mǐn became Executing Caution General, wishing to use office of heavy responsibility to make him alert and on guard. At ninety-six years, during Jǐngyào [258-263] he died. His son [Lái] Zhōng, also extensively read the classics, had Mǐn’s manner, and with Secretariat Xiàng Chōng and others together were able to cooperate and support General-in-Chief Jiāng Wéi. [Jiāng] Wéi was friendly with him, and appointed him an Advisor to the Army.


  • (1) Huà Jiào’s Hòuhànshū states: [Lái] Yàn was studious and cared for subordinates, opened his house to care for many followers. When young he successively held prominent positions, and in Líng-dì‘s time his rank reached Excellency of Works.

〔一〕 華嶠後漢書曰:豔好學下士,開館養徒眾。少歷顯位,靈帝時位至司空。

  • (2) [Zhūgě] Liàng’s Collection had the instructions: “General Lái Mǐn answered his superior with outspoken words: ‘The newcomers have what merits and virtue to steal my glory and resources for them? Various people together detest me, for what reason is it like this?’ Mǐn is aged and wildly contrary, and produced these resentful words. In the past when Chéngdū was first settled, commentators believed Lái Mǐn confused the group, and the Former Emperor because it was a time of new settlement, therefore then held to tolerance, without based on courtesy employing. Later Liú [Bā] Zǐchū selected him as Heir-Apparent’s Household Director, the Former Emperor was not pleased but could not bear to resist. Later when the Ruler Above ascended the throne, because I am ignorant in knowing people, therefore I again selected him as a General Libationer, opposing the commentators’ investigations and observations, turning back on what the Former Emperor kept outside, myself saying I was able to with kindheartedness correct weak customs, and lead him to righteousness. Now I was unable, and memorialize to dismiss from office, to close door and consider transgressions.”

  〔二〕 亮集有教曰:「將軍來敏對上官顯言『新人有何功德而奪我榮資與之邪?諸人共憎我,何故如是』?敏年老狂悖,生此怨言。昔成都初定,議者以為來敏亂群,先帝以新定之際,故遂含容,無所禮用。後劉子初選以為太子家令,先帝不悅而不忍拒也。後主〔上〕既位,吾闇於知人,遂復擢為將軍祭酒,違議者之審見,背先帝所疏外,自謂能以敦厲薄俗,帥之以義。今既不能,表退職,使閉門思愆。」

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