(41.4) Zhāng Yì 張裔 [Jūnsì 君嗣]

Zhāng Yì appellation Jūnsì was a Shǔ prefecture Chéngdū man. He studied the Gōngyáng Chūnqiū, and extensively researched the Shǐ[] and Hàn[shū]. Rǔnán’s Xǔ Wénxiū entered Shǔ, said Yì in action and reason was nimble and shrewd, and was on the order of the central plain’s Zhōng [Yáo] Yuáncháng. In Liú Zhāng’s time, he was nominated as a Filial and Incorrupt candidate, became Yúfù Chief, returned to the Province’s staff as Attending Official, and office as Below the Canopy Major.


Zhāng Fēi from Jīng Province followed the Diàn river to enter, and [Liú] Zhāng gave Yī troops, to resist Zhāng Fēi at Déyáng below the walls, his army was defeated, and he returned to Chéngdū. He was by [Liú] Zhāng sent as envoy to visit Xiānzhǔ [Liú Bèi], and Xiānzhǔ agreed to with courtesy treat his master [Liú Zhāng] and calm the people. Yì returned, and the city gates therefore opened. Xiānzhǔ appointed Yì as Bā prefecture Administrator, he returned to Managing Metal Internal Cadet General, to manage the making of agriculture and warfare tools.


Before this, Yìzhōu prefecture killed its Administrator Zhēng Áng, the elderly leader Yōng Kǎi had kindness and trusted made known in the southern lands, sent orders all around, and distantly communicated with Sūn Quán. Therefore Yì was appointed Yìzhōu Administrator, to directly go to that prefecture. [Yōng] Kǎi therefore pretended to yield but did not receive him, and falsely declared: “Administrator Zhāng is like a gourd, though outside is shiny yet the inside is course, he is not worth killing, and it ordered to bind and send him to Wú” Therefore they sent Yì to [Sūn] Quán.


It happened that Xiānzhǔ died, Zhūgě Liàng sent Dèng Zhī as envoy to Wú, and [Zhūgě] Liàng ordered [Dèng] Zhī to during conversation ask [Sūn] Quán for Yì. Yì since arriving in Wú for several years, had been moved about and hidden, and [Sūn] Quán did not yet know who he was, and therefore agreed with [Dèng] Zhī to send Yì.


Yì was about to go, and [Sūn] Quán therefore summoned him to meet, and asked Yì: “Shǔ’s Zhuó clan’s widowed girl [Zhuó Wénjūn], fled and eloped with Sīmǎ Xiāngrú. How did your honored land’s customs become like this?”


Yì answered: “I humbly believe the Zhuó clan’s widowed girl, is yet worthier than [Zhū] Mǎichén’s wife.”

[note: Zhū Mǎichén was a wood cutter in Wú; due to his poverty his wife left him, but he later became a powerful official. Zhāng Yì is showing wit by answering Sūn Quán’s citing of a criticized story of a Shǔ woman with a criticized story of a Wú woman.]


[Sūn] Quán also said to Yì: “When you return, you will certainly be employed in matters for the Western Court, and will not end as a farmer in your hometown. How will you repay me?”


Yì answered: “I Yì bear a crime and return, and will entrust my life to managing officials. If I am immersed in good fortune and save my head, my fifty eight years before then were given by my father and mother, and the rest from then afterwards will have been bestowed by you Great King.”


[Sūn] Quán spoke and laughed with happiness, and had the appearance of being impressed with Yì. Yì went out the side door, deeply regretted he did not appear foolish [because he now feared being detained], and at once went on a boat, both [day and night] on the road traveling. [Sūn] Quán indeed pursued him, but Yì had already entered Yǒng’ān’s border by several tens of lǐ, and the pursuers could not reach him.


When he reached Shǔ, Chancellor Zhūgě Liàng appointed him an Advisor to the Army, to manage his office affairs, and also gave him office as Yì Province Internal Manager Attending Official. [Zhūgě] Liàng went out to station at Hānzhōng, and Yì as Shoot at Sound Colonel held office as Remaining Office Chief Clerk [in Chéngdū]. He always said: “Fair rewards do not omit the distant, penalties do not spare the close, noble rank cannot by lack of achievement obtained, punishment cannot by nobility and power be pardoned, this is the reason why worthies and fools all forget themselves.”


The next year, he went north to visit [Zhūgě] Liàng and consult affairs, and his escorts were of several hundred, the carriages filled the road, and Yì sent back letter to those close to him: “Recently I walk the road, day and night receiving guests, and cannot rest. People respect the Chancellor’s Chief Clerk, and I this Zhāng Jūnsì am only attached, tired to death.” His flowing fast speech style, was all of this sort. (1)


When young he with Qiánwèi’s Yáng Gōng were friendly, [Yáng] Gōng early died, his orphans were not yet several years old, Yì welcomed and kept them, with them shared house and residence, and treated [Yáng] Gōng’s mother like his own mother. When [Yáng] Gōng’s sons were grown, he for them obtained wives, bought fields and houses for their property, to establish their households. He cared and sympathized for old friends, rousing and supporting fallen clans, his conduct and righteousness were of the utmost.


He was added General Assisting Hàn, with office as Chief Clerk as before. Jiànxīng Eighth Year [230] he died. His son Mào succeeded. He successively served in three prefectures as Administrator and as Supervisor of the Army. [Zhāng] Mào’s younger brother [Zhāng] Dū was an Heir-Apparent’s Internal Companion.


  • (1) Your Servant Sōngzhī believes speech style esteems agility, but writing can be mindful. Now to use a letter’s ingenuity, to make known a speech style’s rapidity, is not logical.

〔一〕 臣松之以為談啁貴於機捷,書疏可容留意。今因書疏之巧,以著談啁之速,非其理也。

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