(61.3) Lù Yìn 陸胤 [Jìngzōng 敬宗]

[Lù] Yìn appellation Jìngzōng was [Lù] Kǎi’s younger brother. He began as a Censor, and Secretariat Selection Department Cadet, the Heir-Apparent [Sūn] Hé heard his reputation, and treated him with special courtesy. It happened that Quán Jì, Yáng Zhú and others flattered the King of Lǔ [Sūn] Bà, with [Sūn] Hé quarreled, and secretly cooperated in slandering, and Yìn as a result was arrested and sent down to prison, suffered torture to the utmost, but to the end said nothing. (1)


  • (1) Wúlù states: The Heir-Apparent himself feared he would be dismissed and deposed, and the King of Lǔ’s coveting [the position] became more extreme. [Sūn] Quán at the time met Yáng Zhú, bringing followers to discuss [Sūn] Bà’s talents, and [Yáng] Zhú deeply narrated that [Sūn] Bà had civil and military ability and outstanding appearance, and should be the proper successor, and therefore [Sūn] Quán then agreed to establish him [as Heir-Apparent]. There was a messenger prostrate below the couch, who heard it all, and reported it to the Heir-Apparent. Yìn at the time was about to go to Wǔchāng, and went to take leave of the Heir-Apparent. The Heir-Apparent would not meet, but in plain clothes [as disguise] went to and boarded his carriage, and with him together secretly discussed, wishing to have Lù Xùn memorialize to remonstrate. Soon after [Lù] Xùn had memorial with utmost remonstrance, [Sūn] Quán suspected [Yáng] Zhú had leaked it, but [Yáng] Zhú denied it. [Sūn] Quán sent [Yáng] Zhú out to search for the source, and [Yáng] Zhú reported that that very recently Yìn had gone west, and certainly was the reason. [Sūn Quán] also sent someone to ask [Lù] Xùn how he knew of it, and [Lù] Xùn said Yìn had told of it. Yìn was summoned and interrogated, and Yìn for the Heir-Apparent’s concealment said: “Yáng Zhú told I your servant about it.” Therefore both were imprisoned. Yáng Zhú could not bear the tortures, and confessed to revealing it. Previously [Sūn] Quán suspected [Yáng] Zhú had leaked it, and at the confession, believed it was indeed true, and therefore beheaded [Yáng] Zhú.

〔一〕 吳錄曰:太子自懼黜廢,而魯王覬覦益甚。權時見楊竺,辟左右而論霸之才,竺深述霸有文武英姿,宜為嫡嗣,於是權乃許立焉。有給使伏于床下,具聞之,以告太子。胤當至武昌,往辭太子。太子不見,而微服至其車上,與共密議,欲令陸遜表諫。既而遜有表極諫,權疑竺泄之,竺辭不服。權使竺出尋其由,竺白頃惟胤西行,必其所道。又遣問遜何由知之,遜言胤所述。召胤考問,胤為太子隱曰:「楊竺向臣道之。」遂共為獄。竺不勝痛毒,服是所道。初權疑竺泄之,及服,以為果然,乃斬竺。

Later he became Héngyáng Commanding Army Colonel. Chìwū Eleventh Year [248], Jiāozhǐ and Jiǔzhēn’s Yí bandits attacked and destroyed cities, and the Jiāo region was disturbed. Yìn was appointed Jiāo Province Inspector and Colonel Securing South. Yìn entered the southern border, announced [Imperial] favor and faith, thoroughly recruited and gathered, and Gāoliáng’s great leader Huáng Wú and others led their tribes of over 3000 families to all go out and surrender. He led the army and went south, again announcing utmost sincerity, giving out wealth and money. Bandit leaders of over a hundred men, people of over 50,000 families, had been deeply secluded and unrestrained, but none did not bow head, and the Jiāo region was quieted and calmed. He was increased to General Securing South, and again suppressed Cāngwú and Jiànlíng bandits, defeated them, from beginning to end sending out troops of over 8000 men, to fulfill the army’s needs.


Yǒng’ān Inaugural Year [258], he was recruited as Xīlíng Commander, with fief as a capital precinct Marquis, later transferred to Hǔlín. Internal Document Assistant Huà Hé memorialized recommendation of Yìn: “Yìn has heavenly disposition and intelligence, his talent applied and conduct pure, in the past he served in the Selection Department, and his legacies can be recorded. Returning to Jiāo Province, he presented announcement of the Court’s grace, the scattered people returned to allegiance, and the sea’s shores were purged clean. Cāngwú and Nánhǎi for years had the harm of violent wind and diseased air, wind then breaking trees, flying sand and rolling stones, air then forming dense fog, that flying birds could not pass through. Since Yìn reached the province, the wind and air stopped and cleared, traveling merchants peacefully went, the people had no sickness or plague, and the farm fields were abundant with grain. The Province’s capital overlooks the sea, the sea’s flow in autumn is salty, Yìn also stored water, and the people were able to sweetly drink. His kind aura spreads across, cultivating and moving people and spirits, and therefore relying on Heavenly authority, he recruits and unites the lost and scattered. Reaching the Imperial Order for him to go, the people were moved by his grace, to forgetting their attachment to the land, and bearing their old and carrying their young, were willing to follow him, everyone without second thought, and he had no need to bother with troops or guard. Since when various officers gathered armies, all threatened them for authority, and there has never been one like Yìn who bound them by grace and faith. His carrying out orders at the province, was for over ten years, surrounded by different customs, where treasures are made, but inside he had no concubines with cosmetics and pearls, his family had no treasures of tortoise shells and rhinoceros horns and elephant tusks, and among the present’s officials, it is truly difficult to obtain many [like that]. It is appropriate for him to be placed by the Imperial Carriage’s wheel, a trusted internal aide to the Ruling House, to achieve the praise of Táng’s and Yú’s prosperity. The Jiāng’s bank’s duties are light, and not enough for his talent, and Hǔlín’s choice of Commander, can be taken from many. If he is summoned back to the capital, and favored as a superior official, then Heaven’s work will be fulfilled and cultivated, and the multitude of merits will all prosper.”


Yìn died, his son [Lù] Shì succeeded, and was Cháisāng Commander and General Raising Martial Ability. Tiāncè Inaugural Year [275], he with his elder cousin [Lù] Yī both moved to Jiàn’ān. Tiānjì Second Year [278], he was summoned back to Jiànyè, and again was a General and Marquis.


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